Gary Null’s Seven Steps to Total Health – Step 7 and Natural Pet Care

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Solving Head-Shyness in Horses

My horse, Ember, was very head-shy when he first came to me as a rescued racehorse who'd been on his way to slaughter. A severe ear mite infestation made the problem even worse. After the mites were … [Read more...]

PetLvr Mailbag: Yappy Papillon

Dear PetLvr Mailbag ... When we got our 2nd Papillon dog, Sophie .. it was mid September as a puppy (she was born late July). We then had the coldest winter and earliest snowfall that year and she … [Read more...]

Fear-Proof Your Puppy

As anyone who's ever had a fearful adult dog can attest, eliminating an established fear is tricky, whether it's a common one like thunderstorm phobia or something more unusual, like a friend of a … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day USA

If you are celebrating the festivities with your pet, here is a good article to read and to consider:..... Fear of fireworks and other loud noises is not uncommon in pets. In the animal world, fear is … [Read more...]

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