Introducing the New Baby to Your Pets

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Your fur baby is the love of your life, but Fido or Fluffy is about to take a backseat to the newest arrival. Not only is a baby a huge adjustment for you, it’s also a … Read More

Top tips on how to keep your dog safe, healthy and well when they come into your family home

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Watch our video feature where vet Luke Gamble and animal lover and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves give advice on dog health and how to get your kids involved in looking after your dog When … Read More

Bolt – Animal Rescue Clip

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== After losing Mittens on their perilous journey, Bolt and his side-kick Rhino … Read More

Touchy Situation: When a Friend or Family Member Mistreats a Pet

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Sadly, most people have been in a situation in which they’ve witnessed someone close to them mistreating a pet. Whether it’s your college roommate giving alcohol to the fraternity cat, or your aging mother beginning to … Read More

Family in Town for the Holidays? Why Not Volunteer Together?

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A house full of visiting family can get hectic and noisy, particularly if kids are visiting and have extra energy from being stuck inside. The solution? Round the whole group up, and perform a volunteer project … Read More

Are Exotic Pets Safe with Children?

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A report earlier this fall from a group of USA pediatricians cautioned parents against keeping exotic pets in a home with young children. The doctors involved cited Salmonella, as well as possible bites and scratches, as reasons … Read More

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