Get A Dog ! | Exotic Pets PEDIGREE Super Bowl Ad | COMEDY | 2009

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== Maybe You Should Get A Dog. | PEDIGREE Super Bowl Ad 2009 … Read More

Craze for Sugar Gliders

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Almost as addicting as sugar, the adorable squirrel-like sugar gliders are hard to resist. Times Online says that sugar gliders are the latest animal craze in Britain, and why wouldn’t you want a small, flying marsupial … Read More

About Myself And My Lizard

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Hello! I’m Gemma Argent As an introduction, I’d like to say that I have been around animals my entire life. Animals, simply put, are a part of my life. I went to college initially as a … Read More – August 2007 Summary

| | (RSS) The creation of was to keep all of the specific cat breed information in one centralized blog. Here is a summary of the entries made in the month of August 2007. // HART … Read More

Exotic Pets – Top 5

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By Tonia Jordan Often people look for a pet that is out of the ordinary. Sometimes a normal cat or dog just won’t do! Though, it is always wise to know what you’re getting into. Here, … Read More

Exotic Pets Are Great, But?

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By Lance Winslow Exotic Pets are great but they can cause severe problems to eco-systems if not kept in check. This is because introducing an exotic pet into the wild near your home could cause it … Read More

Why Exotic Pets Should Not Be Banned

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By Jessi Clark-White We all know how special interest groups can blow things out of proportion – like the nonexistent “Exotic Pet Crisis.” If you listened to some animal rights groups, you’d think keeping exotic pets … Read More

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