Training Your Cat to the Exercise Wheel

Amberlee shows us two methods of cat training: treat and toy training. … [Read more...]

Syrian hamster taming and training exercise

Like most hamsters, Nibbles needed to be tamed. We have come a long way from the flighty hamster I adopted months ago. Now she has no fear and comes right to me. Nibbles was sick and hurt when I … [Read more...]

How to exercise your hamster

things will show you some of the activities you can do with your hamster to exercise them.Remember to comment rate suscribe and request for another vids:D. … [Read more...]

Guinea Pig & Rabbit Care : How to Exercise Your Rabbit

Rabbits spend a lot of time in cages, so make sure they get four to five hours of exercise per day. Get pet rabbits to exercise with tips from a veterinarian... … [Read more...]

How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Exercise: Preparing Your Home

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to prepare your home for safe pet ferret exercise in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contac... … [Read more...]

Dog training tips : How to train a dog to stand up-sit ?

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Raw Food Health Dancing and playing with my pets 002

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Dog on the trampoline – funny

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Road Bandit S1.05 RV Travel, GoPro, Master Cleanse Diet, Ultra Pet Contest

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Health & Fitness Tips, OOTD, New Puppy

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How To Care for Your Senior Pet

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Dog Training – ‘Sit’ in motion with distraction (Part 1)

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Pet Obesity discussed by Kelly Lewis of barkTV. (fat dog health)

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Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!

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Advanced: Dog training tip of the day 2011 april 16

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Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for You? A Video by the Marin Humane Society

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Boston Terrier Shows How Small, Overweight Pet Dogs Can Improve Health and Become More Energetic

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Adopted an Obese Senior Dog… What Now?

A friend of mine recently adopted a seriously overweight senior dog. He's a good-natured animal very much deserving of a forever home, but his new owner, who is accustomed to focusing on preventing … [Read more...]

Taking Dogs to the Beach

Most dogs love to accompany their owners to the beach. There are even surfing competitions for dogs! If your dog isn't fond of surfing, he'll still enjoy running along the sand or splashing in the … [Read more...]

Should Rats Be Free-Fed or Calorie Restricted?

As any rat owner knows, rats are prone to obesity, particularly older male rats. However, being omnivores and foragers, they seem most content with free access to as much food as they like. It's hard … [Read more...]

Training for a Rainy Day: Keeping Dogs Busy When It's Pouring

It's the rainy season in many parts of the world, and walks, dog park visits, outdoor training classes, and playtime in the backyard aren't happening with their usual frequency. A dog kept indoors … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat with Night Walks… Safely

As the weather gets warmer, you may find that your dog can't exercise enough during the day to keep him or her calm without becoming overheated. The cooler nights and evenings are a better time for … [Read more...]

Fetch 'Til You Drop: The Dangers of Over-Exertion in Dogs

I know I'm not the only person who jokes,  "My dog would fetch until his legs fell off, if I kept throwing that ball!" It's usually  worth a chuckle, especially if Augustin and a tennis ball are … [Read more...]

Off Leash or On?

Should you let your dog off-leash? The answer is usually no, but then how can your high energy dog get enough exercise? When leashed to  you, most medium to large dogs are limited to a slow trot at … [Read more...]

How Much Exercise Is Too Much For a Dog?

Most dogs don't get enough exercise. The modern human lifestyle doesn't always allow for dogs to get an ideal amount of playtime and physical activity. A large majority of dog owners will never worry … [Read more...]

What Does It Mean When My Cat Yowls?

Cat owners often ask me about unusual vocalizations from their pets. One of the most common and alarming experiences for the concerned cat parent is unexplained yowling. Cats yowl for a variety of … [Read more...]

To Tug or Not to Tug?

Tug-of-war is one of the most common games played with dogs, but some trainers strongly recommend against it. Others see no reason not to play tug with dogs, so long as the pet parent follows a few … [Read more...]

More New Year's Resolutions for Pet Owners

As the New Year dawns, I encourage pet owners to resolve to improve their pets' lives in 2009. A happier, healthier pet will make you happy, too. My resolutions include taking a Flyball class with my … [Read more...]

Work off the Holiday Pounds with Your Pet

Pets are my favorite exercise equipment. Nothing motivates me to go for a run like the pleading eyes of a dog who's been cooped up indoors all day. Even the cat helps me exercise: When she yowls until … [Read more...]

Give Yourself a Free, Pet-Related Christmas Gift

Did you forget to get yourself a Christmas gift? If you're like most people this time of year, you've been running around like crazy shopping for gifts for friends and family, but you haven't taken … [Read more...]

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Exercising Dogs Through the Winter

There are few things less fun than dancing around a fire hydrant blowing on one's hands while waiting for one's dog to do its business in below-zero temperatures, let alone taking the dog for a long … [Read more...]

Stop Cats from Scratching

You know the stereotype: Cat owners can't have nice furniture, because cats will always scratch the couch, unless they're declawed. If you have one or more cats, you might already have furniture … [Read more...]

Dog Parks: Great Idea, or Accident Waiting to Happen?

Most dogs enjoy a visit to the dog park. Outdoor fun with a compatible group of dogs-- what could be better? Unfortunately, dog parks are also often the site of serious injuries to dogs or to humans, … [Read more...]

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