Cat Tricks Episode 3: Learning to Play Dead

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Karen Pryor Clicker Welcome to my Channel! Subscribe, ring that bell and come with me as I check out new gear and give you tips on things I learn along the way. Tech stuff, travel … Read More

How To Train Your Rabbit: Episode 1

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Stand and Walk edition! If you have any requests for tricks/habits you’d like me to address, message me below!

Inside a hamster’s cheeks | Pets – Wild at Heart: Episode 1 Preview | BBC One

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Programme website: X-rays show how golden hamsters store incredible amounts of food in their cheek pouches that can stretch all the way back to their …

Teaching your horse to Bow – part 1! Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix Episode 7

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Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix television series is a step by step trick horse training program to help provide you with instruction to teach your horse some fun…

The cat whisperer episode 6: How to train your cat to be affectionate {With 1 simple trick}

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The cat whisperer episode 6. Very affectionate siberian cat max how to train your cat. It’s simple, when you come home just wait for your cat to sit on your lap :D.

Dog Training- How to train your dog not to bark- Episode 1

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This is Episode 1 in a series of videos on how to train your dog not to bark. This episode focuses on barking at noises. The next episode will be focusing on…


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