Parrot ko Bolna Sekhana | HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK | video in URDU/Hindi Subtitled in English


** Press CC on the player to open the English subtitle** HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BIRD TO SPEAK? On viewers demand Iā€™m making this video on parrot speaking training and hand taming. How to teach parrot … Read More

How to Saddle a Horse- English


This is my horse Kiwi and I demonstrating how to saddle a horse for English riding. Please leave comments and video requests! šŸ™‚ My camera cut off, so check out my other video on how to … Read More – [The Blog] Introduces Translation Plugin

| – [The Blog] – A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals A Website For All Earthlings … well, that’s what this tagline says. So today I have finally added a translation plugin, from Simple … Read More

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