How to Help a Dog Recover from Vomiting


After a bout of vomiting, it can take several days before the pet returns to his or her normal feeding schedule. In fact, inappropriate feeding can result in prolonged upset stomach. There are two keys to … Read More

When to take a vomiting dog to the veterinary clinic


Vomiting is a very common ailment in dogs and cats alike. Today, we’ll discuss why vomiting is dangerous and when to take him or her to the veterinary clinic for treatment. There are a number of … Read More

Pet Care Tip — Keep Pedialyte in Your Dog’s First Aid Kit


Pedialyte is a vital element of your pet’ first aid kit, as it can help prevent dehydration in a dog who is vomiting, experiencing diarrhea or in the case of a dog who is refusing to … Read More

How to Feed a Dog With an Upset Stomach and Promote Recovery After Vomiting


When a dog has an upset stomach, it’s important to take a conservative approach when offering food, as it will take some time for the dog’s stomach to calm. Offering food too soon or offering too … Read More

Why Does My Dog Like Socks?


Pet owners are often perplexed when it comes to dog behaviors and habits. Many dog lovers are left wondering, “Why do dogs like socks?” There are several reasons for a dog’s sock obsession. In order to … Read More

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