The Best Dog Gone City


Does your city accommodate for pets? If not, maybe you should consider moving to Ellicott City, Maryland. The U.S. News & World Report believes that this is the top place for people to live with their … Read More

Paws in the Park 2009


Breathing in the fresh, warm breeze, stretching your legs with a walk, basking in the sun and taking in the view are just a few ways to appreciate the summer weather. But don’t forget that your … Read More

Off Leash or On?


Should you let your dog off-leash? The answer is usually no, but then how can your high energy dog get enough exercise? When leashed to  you, most medium to large dogs are limited to a slow … Read More

Training with Distractions


Training with distractions is a great way to make sure a learned behavior will be performed on cue in a variety of situations. Dogs don’t automatically generalize learning. If you train your dog to sit in the living … Read More

Dog Parks: Great Idea, or Accident Waiting to Happen?


Most dogs enjoy a visit to the dog park. Outdoor fun with a compatible group of dogs– what could be better? Unfortunately, dog parks are also often the site of serious injuries to dogs or to … Read More

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