Itching and Twitching-Fleas and dermatitis


Animals aren’t all that different from us. Any pet owner already knows this. Sometimes, in fact, it’s hard to think of our pets are animals and not another member of the family. They have a lot … Read More

All About Chronic Dermatitis in Dogs


THE CHALLENGE OF CHRONIC DERMATITIS IN DOGS by T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM This article appeared in Dog World Magazine What you should know… Understanding that there are over 160 different skin disorders of dogs, some … Read More

Canine Hot Spots – Moist Dermatitis / Eczema


Canine Hot Spots – Moist Dermatitis / Eczema By Matthew Homfray Also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis or Moist Eczema, Hot Spots can seemingly appear spontaneously anywhere on a dog’s body and the area involved can … Read More

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