How To: Conure Lying on Its Back


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How to Tame Your Bird/Make them like you more! (feat. Sun Conure & Severe Macaw)


HOW TO TAME YOUR BIRD AND MAKE THEM LIKE YOU! Here are tips that worked for me! Let me know more in the comments if you have any!! Take the quiz! SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG … Read More

Training my green cheek conure


If you just want to see the tricks I’ll upload that later, but this is a break down of training and methods I used, etc. More driving videos to come. Remember to like, share and subscribe … Read More

How to train youre bird to wave! My conure Chicko.


This is how i trained my conure to do the wave trick. Its really easy to do it. All the parrots and parakeets can learn it! my conure learned it in less than…

About the Conure


Nanday Conure Image Source: Wikipedia Conures are charming little birds. These spunky little parrots are small enough to fit easily into most households and large enough to satisfy the desire of someone wanting to own a … Read More

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