About the Cat Fancier’s Association


Are you interested in finding a purebred cat? As you shop for your cat, you may notice the initials CFA in some advertisements. What exactly does this mean? CFA stands for the Cat Fancier’s Association, the … Read More

Miscellaneous Class Breeds


SOURCE Miscellaneous Class Breeds The Miscellaneous Class is intended as an interim stage prior to a breed becoming eligible to compete in a variety group at AKC shows. Under our current policy, the stud book will … Read More

Foundation Stock Service Breeds


SOURCE Foundation Stock Service Breeds The Foundation Stock Service (FSS); was created by the American Kennel Club to answer the needs of today’s rare breed fanciers. The Foundation Stock Service is an optional record keeping service … Read More

Fanciers Referral Breeders List


SOURCE Here follows a list of cats from the Fanciers Referral Breeders List (FBRL). If you click on the above link and visit their pages, you can get a lot of information and even see a … Read More

Complete List of AKC Recognized Breeds


SOURCE Complete Breed List The AKC Board of Directors has the authority to add a breed to the list of AKC-registrable breeds if, in its opinion, sufficient evidence is presented to justify such action. There are … Read More

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