Doggie Glamour


Preparing a dog for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is no easy task. When you’re up against tough competition like E.T., the 7-year-old Gordon setter, who won “best of breed,” winning is in all the … Read More

Upcoming Dog Shows


Shake up those blah winter days by watching a dog show. Not only are they educational, but they also make you realize how amazing and entertaining different dog breeds are. So within the next week, prepare … Read More

Competing in Events With Your Horse


While there is certainly nothing wrong with riding your horse just for fun and relaxation, competing in events can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Competing brings you and your horse closer together and improves your … Read More

Where To Ride Your Horse


You’ve saddled up your horse for a relaxing day in the saddle when you suddenly realize that you have no idea where to ride him outside of that same little paddock. Are there any more exciting … Read More

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