Choosing a Collar for Your Puppy


So you’ve got a new puppy. One of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a collar that the puppy will wear, either all the time or only on walks. There are numerous styles … Read More

Should Cats Wear Collars?


We recently covered the possible dangers of dog collars, but what about the cats in the family? Cats, too, can be injured or killed if they wear a collar; on the other hand, just like dogs, … Read More

Dog Collar Dangers


Putting a collar on your dog seems like a fairly standard safety measure. Most pet parents don’t give it a second thought. But is it really that simple? As with most subjects related to pet care, … Read More

Gear For You and Your Terrier


The first tool any terrier owner will need is a collar/leash or halter. Terriers are independent, high-energy dogs and being restrained is not their favorite mode. But for their safety and that of others a sturdy … Read More

Looking After Your Dog Part One – Personalized Dog Collars


Looking After Your Dog Part One – Personalized Dog Collars By Niall Kennedy It is imperative that you purchase a personalized dog collar with an engraved metal plate, bearing the dog name and your contact number. … Read More

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