Cooking For Your Best Friend – (Your Dogs)~!!!

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Ziggy the Shar-pei Sleeping

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monkey funny video singe drole compilation funniest pet debiloguys viral

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Pet Olympics

When you think about it, pet sports are similar to the sports held at the Olympics. For instance, flyball for dogs is like hurdling for the Olympians and freestyle for dogs can be likened to … [Read more...]

Update On The PANDAS That Survived The China Earthquake In May 2008

On May 12, 2008 the "2008 Sichuan earthquake" (or Great Wenchuan Earthquake) reached 7.9 on the richter scale with a death count about 70,000, injured about 350,000 people and left about 4.8 million … [Read more...]

One-Dog Policy for China's Capital

One-Dog Policy for China's Capital Scott McDonald, Associated Press Nov. 8, 2006 — First it was one child. Now authorities say Beijing families will be allowed only one dog. The restriction is … [Read more...]

Two-Headed Turtle Found in China

Photo in the News: Two-Headed Turtle Found in China March 17, 2006—In biology, two heads are rarely better than one. But this unusual golden coin turtle, found in China, appears to be doing just … [Read more...]

China Has Record Year for Pandas

Animal Planet :: News :: Record Year for Pandas Picture(s): AP Photo/Ng Han Guan | Playful Pandas A pair of panda cubs play at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base in the Sichuan province of … [Read more...]

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