Teaching Children to Train Dogs


Children, even at a fairly early age, are perfectly capable of teaching and reinforcing simple behaviors with the family dog. Training a dog is an easy skill to learn. It builds self-esteem for children, and is … Read More

Getting Kids Involved in Volunteering to Help Shelter Pets


Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way for children to learn responsibility and prepare for adopting a family pet. However, it can be tough to find organizations and activities that are child-friendly, particularly if … Read More

Fear-Proof Your Puppy


As anyone who’s ever had a fearful adult dog can attest, eliminating an established fear is tricky, whether it’s a common one like thunderstorm phobia or something more unusual, like a friend of a friend’s dog … Read More

PetLvr Mailbag: Dogs, Children, Resource Guarding, and Boundary Setting


Dear Jelena … Is it ok for a dog to growl when they have their bone in their dog bed and a child approaches in a manner that the dog views as possible attempt to take … Read More

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