Maxxie's Morning Ritual


Every morning, our two Papillon dogs .. Maxxie (on the right) and Sophie (on the left) wait patiently for their “morning ritual” treats…. <img src="" alt="Maxxie and Sophie waiting for their morning treat" title="Maxxie and Sophie" … Read More

Update: Day 7 of Maxxie In A Cage


Poor Maxxie 🙁 It’s been a week now since we took Maxxie to the vet last thursday and found out he had Canine Degenerative Disc Disease and recommended that he be locked up in a cage … Read More

CAGED: Maxxie with Canine Degenerative Disc Disease


We probably should have noticed some of the symptoms last Thursday … but, we never expected this to happen and we were quite occupied with the preparation of two Christmas celebrations on Monday and Tuesday. There … Read More

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