How to teach your hamster to lay on its back / be calm | hamster skye

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Train Your Horse to Be a Calm, Brave Jumper Using Free Lunging

Here Marley, a 14h Welsh Cob is trained to jump using free lunging techniques. He progresses from a 2' vertical to 3'3 with a 3'3 spread over the course of t... … [Read more...]

How to calm your rat Down when he goes all crazy like mine does

Okay my baby rat, Lil'chef gets like really scared and he poops over everything so after a quite stressful encounter with the runnung wheel I decided to give... … [Read more...]

DOG TRAINING – Amazing Transformation – Training a fearful dog

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Capturing Calmness- help for hyper dogs-dog training

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Home for the Holidays: Minimizing Pets' Stress When Guests Visit

Guests visiting for the holiday can cause stress for pets accustomed to a particular routine. Even if the "guests" are just college students who lived with the pets in question for most of their … [Read more...]

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