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http://www.ferretbiting.com How to ferret proof your home. Do you need a ferret cage? Train your ferret to stop nipping and biting.

Setting Up A Rat Maternity Cage


There are as many ways to set up a cage for a rat to deliver a litter as there are rat breeders. Everyone has a personal preference. I’ve incorporated advice from several breeders in creating my current … Read More

Traveling with Rats: By Car


Responsible, reputable rat breeders don’t exist in every area. Plus, families sometimes must move long distances with pets, or take lengthy vacations while bringing rats along. Traveling with rats is often necessary, but in some ways trickier … Read More

Dealing With Ferret Odors


Ferrets, like many of the cousins in the weasel family, have a natural musky scent. Over time that can build up to an unpleasant level. That happens too often in pet stores and the homes of … Read More

Cage Options For Your Guinea Pigs


One of the many fun aspects of owning a guinea pig is selecting or designing and building a cage. Few homes are designed in a way that allow the owner to let their guinea pig simply … Read More

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