Dog Breeders Bible

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Cat Stuck In A Vase

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Gun Dog Labrador Retriever Training

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Are Mutts Really Healthier?

You've heard it, as all pet owners have: "Mutts are healthier than purebreds." But is that true? As it turns out, things aren't really that simple. While in some instances mixed-breed dogs may have a … [Read more...]

Best in Show Brunch

Dog enthusiasts, listen up because you will not want to miss this event! There is no better way to start your new year than by attending the Metropolitan Dog Club's second annual Best in Show Brunch. … [Read more...]

5 Traits of a Good Dog Breeder

We talked recently about bad dog breeders, and an owner's recourse in case of receiving an unhealthy puppy. To balance things out a little bit, I'd like to discuss today a class of people who truly … [Read more...]

Determining the Sex of Your New Bird

Determining the Sex of Your New Bird Many people are not concerned with whether they have a male or female bird. After all, if you're not going to breed your bird, it doesn't really matter, right? … [Read more...]

Dog Breeding – Whelping – The Process

Building a whelping box helps you prepare for dog birth. At least 4' wide by 6' long by 1' high, will give the dam a place to feel comfortable and enclosed and keep newborn pups from wandering the … [Read more...]

Dog Breeding Whelping – Preparation

When your female dog, called a dam or bitch, is about to give birth there are frequently clear signs. These signals can help you know when to put her in the whelping area, near the instruments. Oh, … [Read more...]

Dog Breeding – Things to Think About

Breeding dogs is a serious responsibility and entails risks and surprises for even experienced breeders. But, even in a world too crowded with unwanted dogs, there are positive aspects. Here are a few … [Read more...]

How to Become a Dog Breeder

If you are a dog lover who has a special place in your heart for one particular dog breed, you may decide to devote yourself to bettering that breed. Many times, this involves working with dogs from a … [Read more...]

Buying a Second Dog

If you are a dog lover, you may feel that one dog is not enough. However, before you add a second dog to your household, there are a few important points you should consider. First, you may want to … [Read more...]

The AKC – Know Your Dog's Genealogy

When you shop for a purebred dog, you will probably notice that many breeders use the initials AKC when they talk about their purebred puppies. What exactly is the AKC? These initials stand for the … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Reputable Bird Breeder

So, you want to buy a bird. All you have to do is find a breeder and give him or her the money, right? Actually, there are some very disreputable bird breeders out there. To be sure you get a healthy, … [Read more...]

Choosing a Good Dog Breeder

Have you ever purchased a car that was a lemon? Facing problem after problem robs you of the pleasure of enjoying your new car. Unfortunately, there are dogs that are lemons, too. A dog with health … [Read more...]

Great Day for Pitbulls in Hawaii

This past Sunday, on April 29th, we had our first ever Pitbull Bash on O'ahu. There were a number of kennels there with their dogs. It was great to see so many quality dogs in one place and … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Evaluating Pomeranian Breeders

What To Look For When Evaluating Pomeranian Breeders By: Lee Dobbins If you're buying a dog from a Pomeranian breeder, there are several things you should look for in the breeder, as much as in the … [Read more...]

Poodle Hybrid Designer Dogs

Poodle Hybrid Designer Dogs By Mike Mathews Designer dogs are really hybrid or cross-breed dogs that have been developed to try and gain some positive characteristics or lose some negative … [Read more...]

How Do I Find The Best Cat Breeder

How Do I Find The Best Cat Breeder By Patricia Craggs What should I be looking for in a cat breeder and which questions should I be asking them to make sure that they are the best for my needs? Make … [Read more...]

How Can You Tell If It's A Real Canadian Ferret?

By Rob Symonds The species of Real Canadian Ferrets are a hot topic among ferret lovers because they are rare to get your hands on. Real Canadian Ferrets are generally spayed or neutered when you are … [Read more...]

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