Get A Dog ! | Exotic Pets PEDIGREE Super Bowl Ad | COMEDY | 2009


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== Maybe You Should Get A Dog. | PEDIGREE Super Bowl Ad 2009 | The Pedigree Adoption Drive: Help Us Help Dogs. __________________________ PEDIGREE YouTube Channel : __________________________ Get A Dog […]

Pet Positive for a Healthy, Retiring Life

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Pets serve many benefits to seniors. They are wonderful companions and the health benefits are outstanding. Did you know that having senior pet ownership has many medically beneficial qualities? It’s true! Many seniors with pet companion … Read More

Reading Your Bird's Body Language

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Understanding what your pets are telling you can be a real challenge, even if they can talk. Luckily your bird’s body language speaks just as loudly to allow you to understand exactly how he is feeling. … Read More

Basic Care of Budgerigars

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Basic Care of Budgerigars By Andrew Rocuant Budgerigars are a lot of fun, but require more attention and special care than the more common household pets. This article covers the basics of pet bird care. I … Read More

What do Birds like Eating?

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What do Birds like Eating? By Geomil Georgiev What do birds like eating? Here we came to my favorite topic : I am a great glutton that is why I try to please my birds . … Read More

Birds – The Budgerigar

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Birds – The Budgerigar By Michael Russell The budgie (also called a parakeet) is a common household pet. They have many different color combinations, however, normal budgies have a bright green plumage on their chests, green … Read More

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