Mike The Knight And Evie’s Help/Mike The Knight And The Bird Training

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How to Choose a Pet Bird : Train a Pet Bird

Staying consistent while training your pet bird is discussed in this free video . Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.extracareanimalhospital.net Bio: Sarah Ti... … [Read more...]

Taming, Training & Tricks V1 Dvd! Bird Tricks,

Taming, Training & Tricks Volume 1 Dvd! Chet & David Womach. From the back: Millions of people worldwide struggle with their parrots' behavioral problems. And from this day forward there are … [Read more...]

How to train your bird to stop biting!

It's rare not pearl faced !!!!!! … [Read more...]

Train Your Dog to Hunt Birds : Learn Bird Hunting Dog Training Tools

Learn to use whistles, training dummies and congs to train your bird dog in this free video. Expert: Charlie McCanna Bio: Charlie McCanna has been training a... … [Read more...]

How To Train Your Bird To Talk

Hi guys! First, I have some news! I am getting a new pet on Saturday!! No hints :P!! The video will come out on Monday!! Promise :). And yes, as if I need mo... … [Read more...]

How to Hand Train a Bird

See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad: http://bit.ly/11ZmFOu Watch more How to Take Care of a Pet Bird videos: http:/... … [Read more...]

How to teach your bird 3 simple tricks

I show you the steps on how to teach your bird 3 simple tricks, "Spin" "wave" & "Stick em' up!" with my conure, Kramer as demonstration :) … [Read more...]


How to flight train your bird, or train them to come to you on command. Short and simple, with a lot of patience and by following these simple steps you can ... … [Read more...]

How to train your bird to shake hands

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NEW !!!!!How to train your parrot/pet bird to go back into its cage- Method:The Bird’s Nest

In this video I explain in the simplest and the most creative way I could think of how to put your parrot in its cage. Since its usually a bummer for many pa... … [Read more...]

Feathered Phonics The Easy Way To Teach Your Bird To Speak Volume 1: 96 Words and Phrases

Volume 1: 96 Words & Phrases! This is the CD that has birds talking! It's easy to teach your bird to speak with Feathered Phonics! Simply choose the track you wish to teach and press "repeat" on … [Read more...]

Chika’s Tricks (And how to train your bird to do them!)

Some of Chika's tricks and tips on training them to do these. Please feel free to comment and ask for more detailed how-to's :) And of course, like, subscrib... … [Read more...]

How to Train your Bird to get on your Finger or used to you – Kevin Dragon

In this video I show you how to get your bird on your finger or used to you such as a perch or ladder. Then OUT OF YOUR CAGE THEY GO! … [Read more...]

How to Train your Bird to do Awesome Tricks Tutorial!

Long Awaited Tutorial! (PLEASE READ BELOW, skip links etc) Teesha123 here (graduate of a diploma of animal technology and bird enthusiast) and I'm going to t... … [Read more...]

How To Train Your Bird To Talk

Watch more How to Take Care of a Pet Bird videos: http://www.howcast.com/guides/462-How-to-Take-Care-of-a-Pet-Bird Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - h... … [Read more...]

Why Doves Make Good House Pets

Doves come in almost 300 different species. As with many other domesticated birds, these beautiful creatures make their way into the homes and hearts of people around the globe. The best kinds of … [Read more...]


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Mother cat nursing kittens – Canon 550D / T2i Video by Kenneth Lawrence

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The video they tried to Ban.Siamese Kitten’s left to starve.

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Kangen4Pets.com Kangen Water Health Testimonials for Pets – Olive Oil

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Funny Animals – Comedy Clip – Dog Cat etc. – Part 4 / 11

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Green Treats for Budgies & Pet Birds are Weeds to Many 170810

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beaphar-spain- forrajes cominter dog cat pet Pharmaceuticals products English

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Dog & Dog Training Tips – Hunting Birds with Bill Schaller

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Dog Training

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Funny Talking Animals Walk On The Wild Side Episode One BBC One

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Animal Talking: Huskey Dog Saying “I Love You” (Funny Animal Video)

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Its Never Too Late to Improve Your Pet’s Health (part 1 of 2)

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Funny Talking Animals Walk On The Wild Side Episode Six Preview BBC One (Funny Animal Video)

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Funny Talking Animals Walk On The Wild Side Episode Five Preview BBC One (Funny Animal Video)

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Your Pet’s Gallbladder Health

I just found this pet related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/v/zrulSN6WWzs?f=videos&app=youtube_gdata healthypets.mercola.com What do … [Read more...]

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