When Adoption Fails


Nothing is more discouraging to a pet lover than a failed adoption. You fully intend to give a loving, permanent home to a pet in need, and instead you find yourself over your head with an … Read More

Are You Ready for Parrot Ownership?


If you’ve ever had a young cockatoo or a playful caique handed to you at a pet store, you know how hard it can be to resist bringing a parrot home. At their best, they’re cuddly, … Read More

Five Things You Can Do with Your Puppy to Prevent Future Behavior Problems


You’ve got a puppy. Congratulations! Now is the time to prevent behavior problems in adulthood. Many serious issues can be prevented by properly raising your pup. More dogs die each year in the United States due … Read More

Curing Problem Barking Without a Bark Collar


I cringe every time I see a dog wearing a barking collar, particularly the type that delivers a painful shock to a dog’s neck. These collars are stronger than many people think. When I put a … Read More

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