Adoption Stories: Reef and Dan

This post was submitted to heighten awareness about animal shelter adoption. Adopt a pet today! This story comes to us from Dan of the Dog Guide. Reef came into my life in June of 2001.  I was … [Read more...]

Working Terriers

Terriers were bred from their very beginnings to perform services. In Great Britain that often took the form of breeding programs to produce a dog that would hunt fox, chase badgers or kill rats. … [Read more...]

American Pit Bull Terrier Complete Profile

American Pit Bull Terrier Complete Profile by Key Facts: Size: Medium Height: 46 - 56 cm (18 - 22 inches) Weight: 14 - 36 kg (30 - 80 lb) Life Span: 12 years Grooming: Easy Exercise: … [Read more...]

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