How to Train An Adventure Cat


Have you ever wondered how Rosie does it? Do you want to train your very own adventure cat? We’ve compiled some of our best tips for handling your cat and being safe out on your daily … Read More

Raising an Adventure Cat: How to Harness Train Your Cat


In “Raising an Adventure Cat” I share tips and advice for how I raised my cat, King Curtis, from a timid kitten into a brave adventure cat. In this first video of the series I answer … Read More

How to train your rabbit: a Polly and Lexie adventure


We were extremely surprised when dodger actually jumped them and decided to film it! We may start a new animal training series… Hope you like!

Bolt – Animal Rescue Clip


I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest! ======================== Note: information from YouTube ======================== After losing Mittens on their perilous journey, Bolt and his side-kick Rhino … Read More

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