Surprised Kitty (Original)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. dylankunaikennedy123
    | Reply

    on rude tube they said u wer a transvstite/shemale

  2. iillohk
    | Reply

    Cutest Kitty cat in the world. =^_^= I love it so much.

  3. shakibshahinur
    | Reply

    yours are soooooooi cute watch my videos i will upload my kittens being cute

  4. r0bert444
    | Reply

    but will it blend..

  5. SHRINA17
    | Reply

    @Khmel321 ——they are the same people who would probably laugh if an old lady fell down—damn fools! LOL! This kitty is ADORABLE!!!!

  6. Calebmoyer
    | Reply

    its okay. hitler didn’t think this was cute either

  7. Oforikue
    | Reply

    you should make a video with that kitten all grown up

  8. Snypaz1
    | Reply

    its so cute, surprise kitty rulez

  9. Snypaz1
    | Reply

    surprise kitty rulez

  10. Snypaz1
    | Reply

    @Khmel321 surprise kitty rulez

  11. Superdude9001
    | Reply

    I still love this vid.

  12. jump5sims
    | Reply

    super cute’s words can describe his cuteness. 🙂

  13. sjkclk243
    | Reply

    Love it!!!

  14. KoolKaterina
    | Reply

    Saaaa cute <3

  15. MegaDramaQueen1996
    | Reply

    2349 were jealous of how cute the cat was, awww

  16. Tkdriverx1
    | Reply

    Vote up if you don’t think this cat is cute. If you do, your are a heartless jerk.

    I LOVE this kitten…

  17. xZAKUYAx
    | Reply

    aww cute >.<

  18. TheHaku0yowane
    | Reply

    awww is so cute!! *//*

  19. uwannaparty1
    | Reply

    awwwwwwwwwww, this kitten iss sooo adorable!!! i cant stop watching the little bundle of fluff :3 awwww :3 ^^ also jump5sims + Tkdriverx1 …i totally agree 😛

  20. TheHaku0yowane
    | Reply

    >//< awww!!! cute cute cute cute!!

  21. TheCatsRAwesome
    | Reply

    The most adorable cat ever!!!!

  22. sudikai
    | Reply


  23. sudikai
    | Reply

    @MegaDramaQueen1996 no their heads just exploded due to the cuteness and one of the brain chunks landed on the mouse hitting the dislike button

  24. riggs24
    | Reply

    Seriously cute!

  25. a7xfanboylolololol
    | Reply

    but will it blend???

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