Squirrel….Greyhound. Three year old.

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

My three year old with a dead Squirrel (attacked by our then newly adopted, sweet greyhound Ivy on a leashed walk!) May 2008 Mommy is not thrilled at time….but in retrospect….is pretty sweet how she loves the squirrel with no holds barred. 🙂

What do you think?

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13 Responses

  1. TheBron357
    | Reply

    Sad for the poor squirrel, but very very cute with your little girl. Any dog would have been tempted, it’s just a grey is fast!

  2. schloegel
    | Reply

    You should have your children taken away from you.

  3. fourmann88
    | Reply

    thank god my parents didn’t let me play around with dead squirrels…

  4. lynnalexandra420
    | Reply

    what parent that isn’t smoking crack would let their child rub a dead squirrel on their face? disgusting.

  5. xoliveeitup18
    | Reply

    I think I just about threw up watching this… Anyone notice how the mom is like supersupersuper skinny and the dog is like anorexic?

  6. amandabril92
    | Reply

    you are all so dumb. no shit its dead, and it shouldnt have been touched but shes 3 yrs old and i would do the same thing if my daughter picked up a squirell. obviously the little girl felt bad, they washed her after. not a big deal people. shes not dying and kissing the damn thing

  7. fellupahill1
    | Reply

    Ok people Whats the difference between this and hunting? Watch this video and I promise it will change your mind about how disturbing this is.

  8. fellupahill1
    | Reply

    Ok people whats the difference between this and hunting? watch this video

    paste that into the search box

  9. orangestache
    | Reply

    This video is disgusting because the first reaction of her parents is to grab the video camera and film her rather than telling her to put it down. To the morons who are arguing “they gave here a bath” is a dumb argument, that’s not gonna do anything to stop her from getting fleas or worse. Also “this girl is just exploring the world around her, and her parents are supervising her” so by that logic it would be OK if I let her play with a used condom on the ground as long as I supervise it?

  10. 71exodus
    | Reply

    @xoliveeitup18 The mom is just right. The dog is fine too 🙂

  11. esecompany
    | Reply

    @orangestache Incorrect. fleas are extremely easy to kill. The reason people can’t get rid of them easily, is they are hard to kill once they have gotten into carpet and upholstery. In fact, there is nothing the squirrel could have possibly had, that could not be taken care of with simple soap and water. Humans rarely catch diseases from dead animals. When they do, it is usually because they used poor hygiene or ingested the meat without proper cooking.

  12. esecompany
    | Reply

    @orangestache In some parts of the world (Alabama) this would be considered food. I hate when people see a short video and they fill in the rest of the story themselves. You have absolutely no idea, but you think your’e smart and have it all figured out. How do you know the parents first reaction was to get the camera? What if the mother and child were outside and the father grabbed the camera before he knew what she had? A used condom? What a moronic analogy. You’re sick.

  13. esecompany
    | Reply

    @xoliveeitup18 It’s a greyhound. They’re supposed to look like that.

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