So Your Dog Messed on the Carpet Again

So Your Dog Messed on the Carpet Again

By Antony Wilton

Before you chastise your dog for messing on the carpet, bear in mind that we all needed to learn to use the toilet at one time.

House Training Your Dog may be one of the hardest grounding techniques as it is the one that requires the highest effort on your part. You have to be competent to interpret your dogs body language which reveals when he requires a toilet break.

The main requirements on your part are patience and repetition of a consistent action plan.

Numerous dog owners make the assumption that their dog will bark whenever he requires to go to the loo. Occasionally you may be fortunate to discover a dog that will, but believe me most will not, and accidents will be discovered all over the house!

The sooner you start, the sooner your dog will be doing its business in the correct place so lets get started. Firstly I would propose putting paper in front of the door. That way, if you see him making a mess in the residence you can rapidly lift the animal on to the paper and he will realise that if he has to take a toilet break, and you are not there, he must do it on paper.

The next thing you need to understand when house training your dog is that most dogs when requiring the toilet will often get agitated and start sniffing around. At this time, you should take them outside.

When they are quite young you should take them out of the house often, perhaps every hour. When you take them outside you can say things such as “do your business” or whatever order you desire to use for going out to the toilet. Once they have finished, you should reward them immediately with lots of kindness.

The dog will soon come to realise that outside is the location to use as a toilet and will then commence letting you know when it needs to go out.

Remember, no dog is going to comprehend immediately that outside is the place to use. It is up to you to instruct them , with patience, kindness and consistent repetition of action as your main objectives.

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