Sick Dog – Health Pet Insurance Helping Pixie Puppy

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! – One of my dogs, Pixie, woke up this morning and seemed to be having problems with her eyes. I took her into the vet immediately, fearing the worst. Her vitals checked out, but the doctor said it’s likely either allergies or some kind of conjunctivitis. Either way, it gives me the opportunity to tell you about something you might want to know if you’re a pet owner – pet insurance. It’s worth getting if you love your pets half as much as I love mine. Oh, and please have your own pet leave a video response wishing Pixie to get well soon!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. kepechocha
    | Reply

    poor puppy 🙁

  2. Safwentay
    | Reply

    Pix looks totaly peed off

  3. RyGuy5320
    | Reply

    How is Pixie doing now, Chris?

  4. Ryguyanime
    | Reply

    :'( pixie get well

  5. Slushplop
    | Reply

    bless that dog. my dog bugsy is getting old and i love him so much. he wishes pixie good luck and good health!!!!

  6. nebraskafrankcourtny
    | Reply

    I just love this video, b/c it’s a sick pet who knows she’s loved and cared for. Thanks so much for the insurance info. Yeh, my pets are my family, too!

  7. CondemnedByCookies
    | Reply

    Awee, huggles for Pixie.

  8. begoodluck2004
    | Reply

    Get well soon Pixel!!

  9. sonic3243
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry for you Pixie. Get well quickly — I know how hard it is for you both.

  10. tran43
    | Reply

    Asian puppy

    | Reply

    Get well.


  12. feralkuriboh
    | Reply

    Get welll!!! D:

  13. honson7
    | Reply

    Praying for Pixie, Chris.

  14. Joh739
    | Reply

    Get well soon Pixie!

  15. PitbullNL
    | Reply

    She is just tired of beeing filmed again

  16. bartleycollin
    | Reply

    My dog had the same thing and it just cleared-up and her eye was red as well.

  17. hubleful
    | Reply

    @tran43 ???? the dog is has an eye disease im sure its hard for shes just having a had time keeping her eyes open

  18. DecimicCimiced
    | Reply

    Get well soon, Pixie!

    I’ve been through this before with my pets. 🙁

  19. TaffyCheerful
    | Reply

    Get well soon, Pixie.

  20. avenuePad
    | Reply

    Very cute dog. I hope she feels better soon. It really is scary when your dog gets sick.

  21. stewboy17
    | Reply

    get well soon

  22. sauceykat
    | Reply

    Trupanion (and their Canadian Branch, Vet Insurance) is AWESOME! I have a little yorkie and I would never not have pet insurance on her. Trupanion/Vet Insurance has constantly increased my coverage (recently, they made the coverage total UNLIMITED) and they’ve barely ever increased my premiums. They also have excellent programs to recover a lost pet (including paying for posters, rewards, etc) and I believe they pay for cremation in the unfortunate circumstances of a beloved pet dies.

  23. gainrage
    | Reply

    perfect timing

  24. Brian567899
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is Pixie?

  25. Akseouljah213
    | Reply

    What kind of dog is Pixie?

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