Should You Give Children Hamsters

Should You Give Children Hamsters

By Hal Storm

Getting a pet for a child is a great idea because it gives them responsibility and a buddy. Hamsters are a popular choice, but are they a good choice?

Hamsters are a type of rodent that belongs to the order Cricetinae which consists of about eighteen species. They come from the Middle East and Southeastern Europe and have become very popular as pets and lab animals because it is very easy to breed them in captivity. The most popular type in the pet store is known as the Syrian or Golden Hamster. They are smaller than Guinea Pigs which make them more suited for smaller homes, but they are equally as sociable.

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  1. Dwarf Hamsters
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    I think allowing a child to have a pet hamster is ok as long as the parents teach the child how to deal with such a small animal. As an example the child should be taught to approach the animal from the front when picking him up so as not to frighten him.

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