Secret to stop birds from biting!

Bored of your bird biting you ? Bored of it chewing on your fingers?- 3 SOLUTIONS REVEALED!!! The most important thing to remember is when your bird bites si…

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  1. Hi guys (urgent), my love bird keeps biting its furs and bleeds. How to
    stop it? I don’t want to lose my precious friend!

  2. MaFiAx ReApeR says:

    What if my bird bites before its sitting on my finger? He just bites me
    when i come close 

  3. I don’t think it will work with Tavi (my parrot). the other day I was
    chasing him for at least 30 min. It was flying all around the kitchen then
    landed on top of the fridge, I stood on the chair so I can catch it. He
    jumped on my shirt and baited my upper lip! How can i stop it from being so
    naughty????? That bird is REALY REALY hard to catch.

  4. Hey guys,

    I got this lovebird a couple of days ago. The previous owner said that he
    is pretty tame which he is. As soon as I got him and I opened the cage he
    flew right unto my shoulder. I tried to make him step up onto my hand or
    finger but as soon as I came close he would either bite my finger or fly on
    top of my head or other shoulder. I want to train this bird so he stays on
    my finger or hand and doesnt do whatever he wants (fly to my shoulder and
    stay there). That way it is really hard for me to put him back into his
    cage e.g. I have to grab him and neither of us like it. Also I want to be
    able to train him to do tricks etc. and it won’t be easy if he would only
    fly to my shoulder and do whatever he wants to. Any tips?
    Btw I do put my hand in his cage through a smaller door and most of the
    time he climbs right on top of it but he starts climbing down onto my arm
    trying to get out of his cage so it seems that inside his cage he doesnt
    really mind hands and fingers but as soon he is out he starts biting them
    and flying away from them. Any tips would help.

  5. Megan Cusack says:

    I watched this video with my two lovebirds on my shoulder and they were
    chirping along with the birds in the video

  6. michael tannous says:

    can u make a vid on how to stop biting on a big bird lets say a talking
    green parrot or eagle or something

  7. jaydev mandviwala says:

    PLEASE HELP: My Bird Is A Eastern Rossella, he Is Not Biting Me While On My
    Hand Hes Biting Everytime…He Only Likes To Bite My Fingers And Hes Not
    Going On My Hand At All…He Is Scared Of Me And I Had him Over A Year
    Now…I Need Help…I Just Want Him To Go On My Hand And gain His Trust…I
    Been Trying Sooo Much To Taim Him but Evrytime I try To Do Something He
    Just wants To Bite My Hand…little Things I Know About My Bird: He Sings A
    lot Eveytime I Whistle…PLEASE RESPOND THANK YOU

  8. Adriana Valencia says:

    I have a fincher male lovebird that dose not like to be touch or dose not
    like to go on my finger. He can’t be hand feed. HELP’ME!!!!!!!!

  9. Kill3rInstinct says:

    hey man, love the vids. first of all i got a sun conure about 6 moths ago
    and he wont step up on my hand. he tries to bite my finger and im kinda
    scared of his bite. ive fed him snacks and got him on my shoulder but i
    dont know how to get him to step up (or let me put my hand near him at all)
    with out a bite! thanks!

  10. Budgies 123 says:

    thank you! my parakeet bites me and now he is not!

  11. Creeper543 says:

    Please help! My bird will not even let me pick him up! He keeps biting me
    whenever I try to pick him up. I did everything you said, talk softly, move
    your hand slowly towards him, but he continues to bite. What do I do???
    (He is a male cockatiel just so you know)

  12. Again, I’d like to really to you through some kind of message. I tried this
    method with my bird and now he’s mad at me. The first three weeks I had him
    were fine. He loved playing with me. Now he constantly bites me and runs
    away after I tried this. Am I just doing it wrong?

  13. Rachel Sensenig says:

    My bird loves his cage too much. I bought him that way. How do I cure him
    of this? Once he is out, its ok, but it sure is a fight to get him out.

  14. adham dody says:

    hey hani i live in egypt and i am getting a new parrot should i train him
    to obey orders in arabic or english and will that affect anything?

  15. Monster figure_collecter says:

    DO IT MY SELF. So please if you live in illinois come over and tame my
    lovebird for me please i live in 4724 S. Kildare

  16. Bridgette Neale says:

    Does this work with parrotlets? I have a year old parrotlet that we just
    adopted and she is a bitter 

  17. Mitsuki Kaito says:

    What if the bird’s wings are clipped?? wouldn’t it lose balance completely
    because it can’t steady himself and fall? If so… What are the methods I’m
    supposed to use then? 

  18. AlphaWolvesGamer says:

    You made me cry sir…..
    Q~Q I miss my Stormy….. she looked exactly like your bird at 0:36

  19. Krysty Gomez says:

    what if my bird attacks me when i want it to step up :( please help

  20. MoreChannelNoise says:

    I don’t know exactly what you mean by twist your finger. You should have
    demonstrated with your finger how to twist it.

  21. How do I get him out the cage when he is biting like crazy ?????

  22. Fernanda Garza says:

    Hi, i know what you mean but this is getting out of control my bird just
    flies to my dad to bite him, and he bites him every time he sees him. I
    honestly don’t know what else to do. Please help me and tell me what to do.

  23. How do you stop them from shitting on you when they sit on your shoulder?

  24. petgirlanddoglover doggy says:

    My cockatiel Po he bites my thumb it has cracks and holes it hurts to type
    but it’s worth it

  25. I have a green cheek bird that when she’s in my shoulder and I want to have
    her step in my hand so I can get her down she bites me so hard she bites
    some of my skin off. What should I do. 

  26. Claudia Paniagua says:

    I have two Indian Ring neck and I just wanted to know how can you tell the
    differences between a male and a female? 

  27. Make more budgie video

  28. Don’t allow your bird to be obsessed with a mirror. It only trick them in
    to believe the have a partner, but this partner can’t provide them with
    things that a real bird or you can, like rubbing their beaks to each other
    and “talk” to each other. That mirror is stressing them. And I can tell
    from this video that this bird is obsessed with the mirror. It harm your
    bird. Take it away. Give him a real friend.

  29. Tamara Lawless says:

    hey could you please help me? about two years ago, we were given a pair of
    turquoise parrots because the previous owner had to move. we would like to
    tame them, but they are very scared of us, and we can’t let them out the
    cage, for fear of them flying away. If you have any tips on how to make
    them trust us (my family) so that we can get them out and hold them, let
    them sit on our shoulder etc. Please reply ASAP

  30. Mind of NYZ says:

    I have a conure and was wondering how long it takes for its flight wings to
    grpw back if tjey are clipped

  31. Im getting a blue masked lovebird and im a little confused on how to do
    this method correctly.

  32. Ashley Shpak says:

    my birds a cocketiel and is very very aggressive. it cant go on my finger,
    it only goes on my hand and arm and only if he feels he wants to bite me.
    so how am i supose to tame something that literaly comes on me just to bite
    then go fly back his cage. he doesnt bite always sometimes rarely he just
    sits with me

  33. destiny diaz says:

    i have a female african ringneck parakeet, i have issues with her biting
    me! i have been trying to train her, but even just reaching in my hand
    slowly into her cage spooks her. She bites very hard and seems to bite on
    almost any occasion she gets. She has not learned the step up, but i have
    taught her how to stand on her perch. Whenever i try to train her, she
    either jumps off her perch and glides away to the floor, bites me, or hops
    off and runs away. Please help!

  34. What if he bites me when he isn’t on my finger?

  35. brenda brown says:

    How can you get a large parrot from lunging at you from cage.

  36. you obviously don’t have a jealous female galah ,who will let me do
    anything to her…….but hates my girlfriend….and would take a piece out
    of your twisting finger……ha ha ha hahhhh

  37. Rafi Mardoyan says:

    Actually, unbalancing your bird IS negative reinforcement. Youre
    essentially punishing it for biting. Clever idea though. 

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