Scent Work training with a ferret Part 1

I’m training Joey to search out the scent of anise essential oil. I have checked with my vet that this is safe in small amount for short period of time. Always consult your vet before using essential oil around your ferret.

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Chill Pill says:

    Please do a morning routine and night routine! You and Joey are awesome! I am sure you are one of the best ferret-moms out there! :D

  2. Maria Bruno says:

    Joey is the best trained ferret one could ask for, I wish my two would take direction well! Haha

  3. my life girls says:

    Awww he is so cute me my family and my own ferret love ur channel

  4. Noah Griffin says:

    Joey is so amazing! I have my ferret opie and we have been training him so stand up for about half a second and we train him with reeces puffs cereal. He loves them for some reason.

  5. Mi・ミシェル・미셸 D. says:

    YES, replace those scary TSA dogs with deceptively cute FERRETS ❣
    Go, Joey ❣ ❤ #JoeyTheGenius #FerretWhisperer

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