Safe Management of Aquatic Snails

Safe Management of Aquatic Snails

By Belinda Osgood

Aquatic snails can be a charming and interesting addition to any home aquarium. However, they do have a tendency to multiply at incredible rates. Left untreated, snails can cause a severe problem. They will damage plants, eat food destined for your fish, and become an all too visible intrusion to the beauty of your tank’s more expensive inhabitants.

Snails are available to purchase from most pet shops, and there are a few common varieties. However, you may not have to buy one to end up with them in your tank. Live aquarium plants may be infested with either live snails or eggs, and they will hitchhike right into your tank. The eggs are especially difficult to spot, and so any new addition to your tank needs thorough cleansing. To avoid possible infestation, always completely wash plants you buy for the aquarium. Running water alone will not dislodge the eggs laid on a plant, so run a finger gently along each leaf and stem.

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