Saddest dog commercial ever – Pedigree adoption drive

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Note: information from YouTube
For more commercials go to

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25 Responses

  1. legomaker8
    | Reply

    Sunshinestar@ I felt sad but didnt cry just because you dont cry doesnt mean youre not sad

  2. ordi75
    | Reply

    after this video, I called my dog and hugged her hard. I really wish she wouldnt end up like this. it just breaks my heart when people just dump their dogs onto the street. theyve gone through everything with us, how people can be so mean?

  3. vanessaHdemiL67
    | Reply

    Some people dont undersrand animals are man’s best friend you need to love dogs u ppl were not right get sense in to your head GRR ppl sometimes

  4. TheBreeTanner
    | Reply

    You know, I am a H.U.G.E dog lover. I always use to watch this commercial and be like, “Awwwwwwww. Thats so sad.” Now it really just hits me. It makes me cry so hard. Now I volunteer at my Humane League. It really changed me. THANK YOU PEDIGREE FOR HELPING ME MAKE A DIFFERENCE! <3

  5. dontblackmailme
    | Reply

    so apparently to the highest rated comment im a monster if i didnt cry
    so do i get to choose cuz i wanna be a spaghetti monster

  6. bradleyp118
    | Reply


  7. hollyberry112
    | Reply

    @Sunshinestar your so very kind!! and i agree with you 110% all they want is love and to be surrounded with warm feeling go to you r local animal shelter adopt a dog..and save a life! 🙂

  8. pandora35961
    | Reply

    im not crying but i think this is very sad:/i love animals i hope one day animal cruelty will stop and people will adopt and give dogs and cats better homes

  9. Slamdunks4
    | Reply

    OH MY GOD! That’s so Heartbreaking! I bet a grown man would cry if they saw this, I can’t believe people do this to innocent animals! WHY PEOPLE!

  10. 4Dancingtrolls
    | Reply

    i dont understand! dogs didnt do anything to us but be our friends and always be by our side, why would u give them up?! if i was going broke and didnt have food, id keep on trying and my dog would stay by my side the whole time till i got back on my feet and we would be eating better again, i wouldnt just go ” ok i cant pay for u so out the door u go” my dogs are my family not just some toy i pay for.

  11. no0bscap3
    | Reply

    @Sunshinestar how many did you adopt then? and before you ask i was sad after watching this but didnt cry but if i was younger i would but telling people to adopt from local shelters it has to be right for the owner too.

  12. Apocalyptism
    | Reply

    I actually cried

  13. pinky09punk
    | Reply

    did she got adopted?

  14. MacHamish
    | Reply

    It’s a shame it has to be a crappy pet food company has to be the one to bring the message home.

  15. AdoptMe1
    | Reply

    @Sunshinestar yeah i think you should join my channel its all about animals!!!!

  16. linwau
    | Reply

    Well it’s really not fair to say that. Some people really have no choice but to give their dogs up. Be it moving, a new baby, a kid suddenly develops allergies. You gotta see the situation from the other side before you condemn all people who have to give their pets up as being terrible. I’ve seen many of the owners who have to do this crying their eyes out. It’s not like they ALL want to do it.

  17. tovarislas
    | Reply

    @kathyr1222 you suck

  18. bellawolfprint
    | Reply

    Sooo sad!

  19. WhitePuppy11
    | Reply

    I want to support animals more deeper…

  20. powerofdestiny
    | Reply

    @Sunshinestar Tears aren’t always the best way to express your emotions.

  21. lpsrock1000
    | Reply

    im crying

  22. Comillia
    | Reply

    @pinky09punk Yes she does. Her name is Mary Grace, and there is another video of her getting adopted

  23. silvrwolf98
    | Reply

    @iloveconverse12341 that person obviously hates animals

  24. redvelvetrose
    | Reply

    Bull. None of the reasons you listed are good reasons to get rid of a pet.
    New baby – Having a baby does not mean you get rid of your pets… it means you work harder and keep your family together.
    Kid develops allergies – that’s what zyrtec is for. Unless the allergies are life-threatening, work on it.
    Moving – Don’t move anywhere that doesn’t allow pets. You wouldn’t move to a place that doesn’t allow kids if you have kids, now would you?

  25. linwau
    | Reply

    Oh please. In some cases its simply not safe to keep a dog around a baby. Zyrtec doesn’t work for everyone and its unfair to make your CHILD miserable with allergies. As much as we all love dogs, your children come first. And as for moving, some people can’t afford to be picky about homes in this economy and not everyone can afford a $300 deposit to keep a pet in an apartment. Pets are not human children. I wish people didn’t have to give up their pets but I it cant be helped.

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