Running Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Really funny.. Dog

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. xXsWaGgAxX0
    | Reply

    wakes up.. doof!

  2. Mercedes89beaver
    | Reply

    HAHAHA!!!!! its funny when dogs hit them selves

  3. DoublexReFLeXQS2
    | Reply

    Press 8 for best part

  4. surma85
    | Reply

    aweeee poorr poochh :(

  5. MadNessCraft
    | Reply

    Press 3 “need a moment”
    press 4 “Dog starts running”
    press 5 “Dog runs”6
    Press 6 “More running”
    Press 7 “Dog bites air”
    Press 8 “dog runs in to a wall”

  6. KarryUndercover7
    | Reply

    it was only just a dreaaaam

  7. mortician001
    | Reply

    HshAhAH que perro tan pendejo

  8. Tyranogamerrex
    | Reply


  9. WarLorDz1995
    | Reply

    Thats obvious, the dog was dreaming of Bieber…

  10. iUltimateloller
    | Reply

    morning wood :P

  11. Blitzwing360
    | Reply

    Actualy, I think that’s his tail…

  12. nsoaa
    | Reply

    look at that dogs d peice

  13. ipodkidgiselle
    | Reply

    The funny hahaha

  14. ipodkidgiselle
    | Reply

    That very funny

  15. eggsaladinthetub
    | Reply

    *Twix commercial in background*

  16. IILOS7
    | Reply

    El Toro Loco is now El Doggy Loco!

  17. yoda56789
    | Reply

    Listen to the background he was obviously trying to get the twix

  18. angelflight808
    | Reply

    you will die in seven days if you don’t post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be´╗┐ the best day of your life

  19. MrSamuraisuvi
    | Reply

    try to pause at 0:23

  20. Leebus91
    | Reply

    He’s got a fucking boner!

  21. 278frankie
    | Reply

    its his tail…

  22. kyle10291997
    | Reply

    DOH! uh, who putt tat wall there?

  23. xXSteveLeeXx
    | Reply

    He wanted a twix o-o

  24. Dakotaleek
    | Reply

    heh heh. nuther dumbass wit a boner

  25. datni99asteven
    | Reply

    He was chasing a pussy…haha get it…

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