Results of the August 28, 2007 Dog Fashion Show

It was a Fundraiser Event!


On August 28, 2007 … my wife and I, along with Maxxie and Sophie attended a dog fashion show presented by D’arcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Center) and Pawsh Pet Boutique .. both of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

darcy-fipper.jpgIt was a fundraiser event towards the care of FIPPER, a burn victim. Fipper is a five year old Shepherd-cross who was left outside unattended for three days after receiving chemical burns to nearly eighty percent of her face. She was turned over to Machray Animal Hospital in the third week of August. Fipper was twenty five pounds underweight with her burns infected and covered in bugs and filth.

Pawsh Pet Boutique was donating some of the profits from the sales of dog fashion products and other items sold at their “Dog Fashion Show” towards the care of Fipper. Brenda Puttaert .. owner/designer for Doggie Duds was the Master of Ceremonies while various dogs in their selected outfits pranced down the cat/dogwalk. My wife and I are friends with Brenda, and volunteered our own dogs Maxxie and Sophie as models for the show! Here are a few samples (I was walking Sophie and my wife was walking Maxxie)



The above two pictures and the top “High-Five” pictures are low-res screen capture images and part of the official pictures taken by professional photographer Jay Gaune .. who donated his time for this event.

People can view the official photos from the Dog Fashion Show and Fundraiser Event HERE =

If you are interested in getting prints of any of the pictures (probably for those who attended and for owners of the models like us – but, anybody can get a copy of these prints – they are for a good cause!)

For prints, they can order two sizes:
5×7: $15 CDN (75% towards donation, 25% towards costs of print)
8×10: $20 CDN (75% towards donation, 25% towards costs of print)

Orders can be placed with pawsh pet boutique, 722 ½ Osborne, 943-4062, and must be paid for at time of order. Cash, debit and credit cards accepted. Pawsh will phone the customer when the pictures are ready and pick up will be at pawsh pet boutique .. where you can purchase all kinds of dog outfits and other pet products as seen at the Fashion Show!

About The Show

The show was shortened as a flash rain storm suddenly appeared. There were going to be two runs of each dog in the adjacent courtyard sponsored by Marigold Restaurant with two different outfits .. then a 15 minute presentation about Fipper and D’arcy’s A.R.C. organization .. then, another two runs of outfits by the dog models .. and then food supplied by local restaurant and neighbour Lux Sole. But – halfway through the first set of dogwalks .. everyone realized that they may not have enough time to finish .. so, we all did all the dog modelling first, a quick 5 minute presentation was done (just as it started to drizzle) and, then we all moved into the Pawsh Pet Boutique for shelter. I must say, if you are ever in the neighborhead .. Lux Sole had some great pizza and ginger buffalo snacks! 🙂

I’m not sure exactly how successful the event was, fundraising-wise .. but I hope it was successful. There is an update on D’arcy’s A.R.C. website:

We owe a debt of many thanks to those who have supported Fipper’s rehabilitation with donations.

We have been overwhelmed with calls from concerned members of the community which we are also thankful for. Here is an update on Fipper:

– she is doing fantastic
– she receives daily dressings
– her face is washed every day with a medicated soap and cream
– she eats 5 times a day, 5 to 6 cans of wet food
– she is gaining weight
– she has very limited exposure to people at this time

Thank you all for your care and concern. This incident is under careful investigation by the proper authorities.
– Staff & Volunteers

Here are pictures that we took while we were there

It was hard for us to do that, being in the show and still recommend you see the “OFFICIAL PICTURES” over Jay Gaune Photography’s site (they really are much better than our pictures!!

PS … the last two pictures below are of the pet clothes designer Brenda Puttaert .. ~wave

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

Dog Fashion Show.JPG

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2 Responses

  1. Jon
    | Reply

    Looks like a fun time!

    Though the fact that the show was held next door to a Chinese Restaurant is kinda hillarious!

    We just returned from Pet Fashion Week in New York City. Was a really awesome event and show. You can check out some of the coverage here:


  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Thanks for the link! That was interesting and looked (both) like a lot of fun .. and, ‘oh those poor animals’ 😀

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