Rescue Dog Helicopter

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

Newfoundlander dog trained for helicopter recue. for more

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. accuracy76

    ma che cazzo è sta roba?

  2. jimmicreesti

    PLEASE HELP SAVE 100 + POOR DOGS in Cyprus from being killed off and for the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Limassol to remain open. The government is making a big mistake!

    Online Petition for signatures and comments (takes SECONDS!!)

    w-petitiononline-com/sirius03/ petition.html
    or Google eg: Sirius Dog Sanctuary Petition

    Thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. ruskie20

    at 3;38 the dog is like holy shit im gonna dir

  4. bugguy905

    nice video we have ec 135’s and sk-76 helocopeters for our air rescue njsp use the sk-76B’s and morristown Hospital uses the ec-135’s

  5. konaschips

    search “KONAS CHIPS” if you love dogs

  6. ksullivan66

    Thanks for posting this video. Our two little ones love to watch and cheer for the dogs.

  7. northernlights664

    got a newfie a bit ago he’s 14 weeks weighing 6 stone+ and hes the same height as our burnise mountain dog (bitch) his dad was 14 stone so im guessing he’s gonna be a big lad. cant wait to take him to SAR classes

  8. ciccoxterra

    grande il pilota giampiero!

  9. casabula

    hello, whats the title of this song ?

  10. musicislifeordeath93

    i love newfounlands

  11. onecoatsam


  12. iggiguggi

    Phil Collins, …But Seriously, Find A Way To My Heart

  13. lyronpa

    What a brave boy!

  14. sysstole101

    amazing looks like a lot of jails out of nowhere.

  15. dahay

    Man`s best friend~ then they go and chuck him out of a chopper, brrrrh!
    Can`t help thinking the dogs could do with an inflatable vest to stop them going under unless their fur is like Kapok? Wonderful, I wish I could fly helicopters- what a great way of saving lives and having a ball at the same time.

  16. oOMarioMafiaOo

    if your talking about the newfoundland dog then he really doesn’t need a life vest they can handle pretty moderately sized swells but i guess just to be careful you could

  17. chiefieboy

    I have watched this video over and over…haven’t looked in a while and I find out tonight that we can’t hear he video anymore……what an ass! that Phil Collins! Give me a break. That just makes the video. Damned bald-headed ass! He has gotten too big for his nickers!

  18. chiefieboy

    Their fur is like that. We have two Newfoundlands and water is their life. It’s just a natural thing so don’t fret. They are just fine. They can’t wait for the summer when we open the pool. Best breed in the world!

  19. wot4edge540

    LMFAO!! i could watch 5:09 all day long! haha

  20. newenergyme

    I actually bought the Phil Colins song “Find a Way to My Heart” after hearing it on this video. Now YouTube’s new program kicks them off. Ironic; i wonder if they realize they make more money letting the songs go.

  21. frog43

    my fellow newf lovers

    i must agree, for some reason the video just does not make it without the tune…however ,just open another tab, find the phil collins tune, minimize that window with the tune going,go back to the video and enjoy…love that long legged landseer…i think my guy (luke the newf) has a crush on her…hope this helps

  22. macysmama1

    I was also disappointed to find that Phil Collins’ song was disabled from this clip. I followed your suggestion frog43, as this has to be one of my favorite videos WITH the song!!

  23. michelleinlaguna

    Taking the music away from this has just ruined the awe inspiring effect it had. Shame on Youtube!

  24. anonymusneo

    how do newfies dont get water in their ears?

    isnt it fatal for dogs to get water in their ears?

  25. renebruce

    NO Audio equals LAME !!! would have been nice had you used a audio legally this way is pretty boring