Requested: how to get you bird out of the cage/ how to get them not fly into walls

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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46 Responses

  1. Cristian Jho
    | Reply

    I just let my budgies be wild and do what ever they want :b

  2. MilkPlayzMinecraft
    | Reply

    i just want to no witch 1 of your cockatiels is you fav

  3. Jeremy VDB
    | Reply

    The cage is maybe to small but as she said , their cage is always open. I
    don’t think the birds feel bad

  4. Brandon borba
    | Reply

    Wow this worked out well. I have a cat that i thought would have my baby
    cockatiel for dinner but then i let him out of the cage and him and the cat
    became best friends! :)

  5. Noor A
    | Reply


  6. clealuira
    | Reply

    There wasnt much helpful info there. Most of it was common sense.

  7. MegaGamerfreak11
    | Reply

    are their wings clipped?

  8. Sean Avilla
    | Reply

    Your cage is to small

  9. Becky Bell
    | Reply

    Your White face is beautiful! They are both lovely!

  10. Dominique Marchuck
    | Reply

    Your cage is a bit too small try to get a rectangle shaped cage.

  11. Ava O'Riordan
    | Reply

    ya do you have to tame them

  12. Karishma Shah
    | Reply

    thanks so much! :)

  13. Abbey Jaay
    | Reply

    Even just for sleeping this cage is far too small, it wouldn’t even suit
    just one cockatiel. 

  14. octopusmagnificens
    | Reply

    The grueling repetition of “you know” has destroyed the video.

  15. Ahopfh
    | Reply

    but wait do you have to tame your birds before you take them out?

  16. Harrison Mulloy
    | Reply

    ugh this is gonna be hard i have a bird craving cat to deal with also

  17. Tracey Donahue
    | Reply

    Thank you it was very helpful.

  18. jaswinder kumar
    | Reply

    i think that cage is too small for 2 cockatiels

  19. Yahya Aala
    | Reply

    what a beutifal black and white bird!

  20. Diveenah Elangkovan
    | Reply

    Will it work with small parakeets?i call thm romeo&juliet

  21. Abdul Faizi
    | Reply

    Thanks very helpful: )

  22. Ava O'Riordan
    | Reply

    i have two birds im in the middle of tameing them and i dont know if i
    should let tgem out cause when its time to go back in the cage they would
    not fly back to me

  23. Angel Rios
    | Reply

    Where did you get the cage

  24. EG0723
    | Reply

    When my parakeet comes out it flies around the room scared. It goes crazy.
    What should I do?

  25. nancee Lowcarb
    | Reply

    Nice birds. I’d love to see them in a bigger cage.Thats a nice cage for a

  26. Haider habbobi
    | Reply

    Thank you that helps

  27. Marissa Ramirez
    | Reply

    Are they both males?

  28. Viktoriya Aylyarova
    | Reply

    you know how birds can fly into windows and other gass and mirror objects?
    well i have a big slide door to the cbinet! how do i cover that up to show
    that its solid? should i buy a curtain? i think i should.

  29. h3lix86
    | Reply

    i seriously hope that is only a temporary/travel cage. i wouldn’t keep a
    canary in that thing much less 2 Cockatiels.

  30. Brendan McVea
    | Reply

    or just put your hand in there and take them out like any1 else would

  31. Monter Wolf
    | Reply

    lol I have to zebra finches sometimes I leave their cage door open and put
    their food outside and then after a few hours when I check on them I see
    the female eating her cuttle bone while the male inside the cage sits near

  32. ardalla535
    | Reply

    Best way to get the birds out is open the door and shake the cage. They
    pop right out.

  33. 100purpleface
    | Reply

    i tried it but only one bird came out..

  34. Kathleen Nguyen
    | Reply

    great but how do you get the birds back in the cage?

  35. David White
    | Reply

    your cockatiels are really cute!

  36. nextunes
    | Reply

    Thanks for the info.

  37. mihir malhotra
    | Reply

    Thank u

  38. Im Doge
    | Reply

    i have a problem my birds name is lucky and i have no problem taking her
    out of the cage but when she is fully out of the cage she flys onto my
    celing fan by her cage and wen i get her down she flys to my fridge in the
    kitchen and she keeps on flying every where untill she falls and is at a
    low spot then se expects me to pick her up and act like nothing
    happened…but i di pick her up thoee and thats it

  39. Kelley Troutman
    | Reply

    umm i need to let mine out and i dont know if i should bring him into one

  40. Amanda Styles
    | Reply

    Do you clip your ‘tiel’s wings?

  41. izabelas000
    | Reply

    @destroycamero3 yup Canadian 🙂

  42. andrew collado
    | Reply

    @themellovesmaiden well she does at least leave the cage open for most of
    the time but yeah it’s pretty small

  43. Goofygirl123456789
    | Reply

    Your birds are so cute

  44. Stan Smith
    | Reply

    Please help me! I have my indian ringneck for a while and I have been
    looking around for a while but no videos show me the right way to get them
    to fly to you.

  45. Zain Zulfiqar
    | Reply

    where did u get them from? and what r they?

  46. sormize
    | Reply

    Un tamed finches

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