Remember Your Pet With A Memorial Urn

Remember Your Pet With A Memorial Urn

By Jim Johnson

Pets can often become an integral part of our everyday lives and we cherish and appreciate the relationship that is forged over the years together. That’s why the death of a loved pet can be an important event in life. And there is certainly a grieving process that one must go through to be able to carry on with life after such a loss.

For some, the simple disposal of the body in burial is fine. But for others, a more involved memorialization makes them feel better. For instance, there are now pet cemetaries available to be able to allow the pet owner to return and visit the grave for many years after the pet’s death.

However, another custom that is gaining popularity in Western countries is the cremation of their pet and storing the ashes in a keepsake urn or even in an attractive piece of jewelry that can be worn by the pet owner.

Cremation is a centuries old way of disposing of deceased bodies. It’s history goes back almost as far as written records allow. In ancient times, the cremation process was considered a spiritual ritual that allowed the spirit of the deceased to be released in an appropriate way and paved the way for it’s journey to the next world.

Today though, we also are aware of the many health benefits of cremation as it is an effective means of eliminating the spread of disease through decay. The first approved crematorium was opened in the US late in the nineteenth century, and today crematoriums have become extremely popular. In fact, the process can now be extended not only to human bodies but those of pets as well.

There are plenty of appropriate receptacles for storing ashes in a cremation urn, and when choosing just remember to select a container that will be strong enough to remain intact in it’s surroundings. If the urn will be used for burial of the ashes, almost any kind of solid container will be fine, but if it is used as a displayed keepsake, it will need to be strong and sturdy enough to survive an unintended accident.

Whatever you choose though, cremation urns are a great way to honor the memory of the pet that brought you so much joy.

Jim Johnson writes on many consumer related topics. You can find out more about cremation urns pets by visiting our All About Urns website.

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