Re-Training My Horse To Jump – Video One

This is the start to a small series on me getting one of my horses back into hunter jumper events.
He is a little out of shape so I am going very slow with him. These videos were taken over a span of a week and a half. He didn’t even break a sweat in any.
I appologize for the shaky video in some spots, I was filming while working with the horse, not the easiest two things to try to do at once.
Like any good video at the end has three bloopers: first one was a near “run out”, second was a fly bothering him causing a “refusal”, and third he knocked down the pole.
Thanks for watching 🙂

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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7 Responses

  1. Amber H.
    | Reply

    beautiful horse!

  2. Marija Mari
    | Reply

    I train one 5 years old horse to be riding horse because before she was driving horse . 🙂 and im going very good with her ! 😀 I'm so proud of her

  3. Rob N.
    | Reply

    you are training him the right way! good job!

  4. Proud Horses
    | Reply

    Just cute!!!

  5. Thatottbteddy
    | Reply


  6. tinkertonpipes
    | Reply

    He is my little baby. 😉 I got him fairly young and he has been one of the best natured horses I have ever owned.

  7. Mojo
    | Reply

    He is SUCH a cutie! Handles those jumps so well, has great judgement on height and distance and has fantastic clearance. I doubt you will have too much trouble with him. :]

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