Rat Tricks! :)

rats doing tricks, as the title suggests. they all know Spin, but the last rat Wally can spin, spin the other way, give paw, jump, and roll-over (cheating a …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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35 Responses

  1. Lindsay Spurgeon
    | Reply

    Love it! 

  2. Dave Phillips
    | Reply

    Your rats are amazing!!ceep it up!

  3. Heavenlea Bernard
    | Reply

    i have 4 rats and i need help to train them please can u help me

  4. Ellen Munsey
    | Reply

    I love rats now. 🙂 I didn’t use to, I didn’t know just how smart there
    are. Now, I think they’re very likable, interesting animals. ^_^

  5. Taylor Caplan
    | Reply

    I’m so jealous I have an adorable male fancy rat he doesn’t seem to be
    interested in any type food unless he is in his enclosure. you’re awesome
    I’m a dog trainer lol. Not to good with rats I’ve only had him for 4 days
    but he’s pretty amazing. :3

  6. nela farkasova
    | Reply

    I think it is cute my rat can do that too and michael Miler realy kill it
    (stupide)i love it!:)

  7. Marly Newton
    | Reply

    My guinea pig names is poppy

  8. ilonaa_13
    | Reply

    Ui! :3 I love you rats! And they eyes… They´re is lovely! 🙂

  9. seadoo780
    | Reply

    Is he a Dumbo rat?

  10. AmauryPenseur
    | Reply

    Lol I never knew rats were that smart. I thought they were like hamsters 😛

  11. Liz Hardy
    | Reply

    This is fantastic!! I desperately want another sweet little rat. They are
    by far my favorite family animal.

  12. NotMostGirls
    | Reply

    Favourited! I LOVE THESE RATS!

  13. Clara Maria Trier Holst
    | Reply

    I’ve tried to give my rats almost everything, but they won’t eat it when
    they’re not sitting on my shoulder or in their cage. I’ve even tried with
    chocolate, though too much is not good for rats.

  14. horses1238
    | Reply

    awww how do u train ur rat?

  15. MrDrGermany
    | Reply

    They’re so smart! This is adorable!

  16. tyra3601
    | Reply

    It’s not a paw it’s a hand/foot lol this makes me want a rat soo bad!

  17. michelle szerlik
    | Reply

    what kind of rat is he?

  18. Ele Jump
    | Reply

    Amazing rats, so gorgeous! 🙂 x

  19. anne yuoths
    | Reply

    me too!

  20. pumpkin28ful
    | Reply

    those rats are adorable lol

  21. Sutoroberi Sheku
    | Reply

    You should! 🙂 Try to convince your mother by saying that they really need
    a rattie companion/friend. They’re like humans, really! ^_____^ Show her
    the video on YT called; Pet rats – why it’s important to have two or more I
    currently have 7 rats, and it’s so cute to see them all snuggled up
    together <3

  22. Commander Pebbles
    | Reply

    My mom is so annoying! She won’t let me have one!

  23. trentonfinch69
    | Reply

    now i feel bad for feding my snake, but when mother nature calls you gotta
    answer, but really cute, i might get a pet rat soon too

  24. DragonScar
    | Reply

    ya well i bet there cuter than u lol

  25. TheVorgrimmler
    | Reply

    aaar i wish i could teach my hamster the twirly trick but shed never do it
    coz shes not intrested in food that much its wierd she likes a challenge to
    find her food if a hamster can do the twirly trick plz tell

  26. Rachel Pempsell
    | Reply

    Wow my dogs don’t know that many tricks lol

  27. Travelwise65
    | Reply

    Are they clicker trained?

  28. babyetdogsitter
    | Reply

    it’s cute and all but it ‘s not a toy and when you get a couple they have
    babies and then you give them and they are snake food

  29. Angela Lynn
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! How cute! I just got a baby, she is 5 weeks and I want to
    start teaching her tricks now. How do you teach them like that??

  30. Myla Brian
    | Reply

    Wally: Give meh food or or, I can’t think of anything right now, but still
    give me food!

  31. theNSKO
    | Reply

    OMG you are so unaware …pets rat have no pest idiot ..if not why you can
    buy everywhere ??? …..so unaware …and you have history of pers ? it is
    the rat flea, which had … and it lost … now there’s long time ago pet
    rat to have props condition to have no disease and are very clean .. the
    cost you will cultivate a little you need it ….

  32. soarel325
    | Reply

    Milky looks very healthy for such an old rat! Mine only lived 2.5 years 🙁

  33. FerdieTV
    | Reply

    i’m working on training my rats too! all five of them! lol, it’s crazy at
    times but this video showed me some cool tricks i can teach them! good job!

  34. BrownieProductions12
    | Reply

    wow I am impressed!

  35. Ratlover121
    | Reply

    i have to say this, but great job, thats amazing!I wish my rats could do

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