Rat Tricks – What To Teach First (Mini-Trick Tutorials)

This video depicts some of the best tricks to teach your rat when first starting training. Order goes from 1 (easiest) to 15 (moderately hard). Enjoy!

For step-by-step tutorials, check out my playlist “rat training tutorials (better quality)”.

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. iceman303030 says:

    whats the treat

  2. Diamond Snail says:

    What was the white food that you gave at 0:42 ?

  3. PugsNkisses says:

    My rats don't open containers. They see it's there, but they don't want to open the container

  4. Bella Grow says:

    What treats do u use

  5. kizunayutaka says:


  6. tasha 111 says:

    I never stopped smiling though the entire video lol now my cheeks hurt but it was so worth it 😁 I just rescued two young feeder rats and I can't wait to start teaching them cute things once they're settled. Awesome video!!👏👏👌🏻

  7. Daniel Martinez says:

    I can't get my rats to eat any treats, suggestions?

  8. China Brian says:

    Quick and random question… Is the rat in the hand jump trick a boy or girl?

  9. Eclecticlove says:

    What kind of paper are you giving them?? N where do you get it??

  10. Denise Huntjens-Mannem says:

    Great video! Let's begin with the wall of cardboard to keep them motivated not to escape;-)

  11. John Ernest says:

    You are brilliant! I can tell you spend many hours working with them. I have had rats for many years and I have never seen so many awesome tricks like this. Very nice and great job!!

  12. CookieHam27 says:

    Your creme/ fawn hooded rat looks just like my boy 👍 😍

  13. CookieHam27 says:

    I got a rat yesterday and once he is tame ( he was a feeder rat so he wasn’t treated well ) I will try these with him!

  14. sree varsha says:

    I rescued my rat wehn she was 10 days old on road, she opened eyes after a week, she is now 2 months old, she is totally adorable girl. I love her so much. She keeps rearranging her cage, she is like a tiny engineer.
    I wish to train her like you!
    She comes back when i make a sound. Thats all she knows.

  15. sree varsha says:

    My rat baby loves to eat dog food, dog treats.

  16. Iris Goldlord says:

    I have a rat thats brownish white and im not sure if its rare or not but her coat looks like deer fur?

  17. 3littlemice says:

    I'm getting 3 famele rats next month so you inspired me to tech them some tricks❤

  18. Darth Ruin says:

    Can’t even get mine to come to me

  19. Crowslashofbloodclan says:

    Mind if i ask what type of treat your giving them?

  20. I have two rats and they are so different- one is trainable and social, the other is grumpy and hides. Pinkie & The Brain

  21. Kitty Mittens says:

    This is like 14 more tricks than my dog know he only knows lay down and it's not even when I tell him to

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