Rat play land

This is wear my rats go for cage cleaning and there daily play time. It changes and they get lots of yummies to eat

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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23 Responses

  1. cookiezillaevan
    | Reply

    Where did you get the tubes?

  2. Addison Furman
    | Reply

    I got one rate but her name is oreo

  3. Kawaii Unicorn!
    | Reply

    thats so cute

  4. MJKlaumann
    | Reply

    Woah, you have TONS of rats !!!!

  5. Adriana Kreativ
    | Reply

    coooll :-)))

  6. Loli Ramirez
    | Reply

    Love your Siamese rat 😍 it's freaking fab

  7. Paul Gorman
    | Reply

    how many are there?!!!!!

  8. carmenbuit
    | Reply

    Where did you get the doll house and what brand is it? Thanks!

  9. traftory
    | Reply

    This looks like rat heaven

  10. 11easyway11
    | Reply

    cute <333

  11. lovepeacenotwar1982
    | Reply

    omg thanks so much for sharing I have rats and i couldnt figure best way to let them run and play with my dogs around and watch them.. this is awesome idea. thanks …

  12. David Cameron
    | Reply

    Absolute genius idea for a rat gouse

  13. Mac Rattery
    | Reply

    They are on Aspen bedding. Pine the oils can't hurt them, but they aren't toxic. Unlike Cedar their oils are toxic.

  14. blacksheepification1
    | Reply

    i thought pine sawdust was toxic to rats

  15. lizzie depral
    | Reply

    Awwwwww soo cute

  16. Hardik Grover
    | Reply

    wow q chido sta a si me gustaria 1 para mi tona

  17. Damien Westlake
    | Reply

    I just lost my rat to cancer 🙁 I miss him so much

  18. Aaron Doyle
    | Reply

    I have four girls, who are able to jump over a 2 ft high wall around their play area. They are constantly trying to get out! Wish they were like yours! Haha! (Although I wouldn't change them!)

  19. Lili Yracheta brown
    | Reply

    I can NOT have that many rats. I only have 3

  20. Mac Rattery
    | Reply

    Nope they don't try and jump out. They are very good jumpers yes but never try and jump out. I also stay very close to them and never leave the room with them in it.

  21. PsychoticTragedy
    | Reply

    This is an amazing idea! But don't they try to jump out? The kiddie pool is really shallow, and rats are excellent jumpers.

  22. Alfredo H Castano
    | Reply

    cuantas ratas tiene yo quiero una

  23. Olga K
    | Reply

    that is really cool i should try it for my gerbil 🙂

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