Rat intelligence

Our rat “Button” surprised us by drinking milk from a bowl with her front paws and alternating regularly. Sorry that it’s a bit underexposed.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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10 Responses

  1. Focus 2 Frame
    | Reply

    I love all animals but rats are amasing. Their intelligence and love is just out of this world!

  2. 77chonyc
    | Reply

    How intelligent do you have to be to drink milk? My pet roach does the same thing and he is stupid as hell.

    | Reply

    aw how cute! i love rats!

  4. eyboyspetpower
    | Reply

    leave anything outside long enough and it will eventually become unclean. street cats are unclean, but theyre still pets arent they?

  5. Kris Kieronski
    | Reply

    Fuck snakes, they're not affectionate. If they're hungry they'll eat their owner, rats never would.

  6. vanwicz
    | Reply

    Until you have them and love them as pets you'll never know how clean they really are, not to mention they are wonderful pets who love to play and be with people. We always clean their cage once a week and as soon as it's clean they can't wait to go back in and make new "nests" and they clean themselves and each other, it's wonderful to watch!

  7. E S
    | Reply

    Rats are the cleanest small animal. I hope you research a bit more on pet rats. Lots of people hate rats because they've been taught to. They need more people to love them. I hope you research before spreading such an opinion again.

  8. ali mazrouie
    | Reply

    rats are so un clean i don't know how let them as your pet

  9. vanwicz
    | Reply

    Hi, no it's not normal milk, I'm also lactose intolerant and I know rats shouldn't have dairy products so she was just enjoying, indeed, what was left of my cereal 🙂

  10. Lady in Rat
    | Reply

    Is it normal milk? Looks like you ate sereals before. Normal milk is not good for rats, they are lactose intolerant, only feed them milk for baby cats please.

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