Random Linking – May 21, 2007

Random Links In My Bloglines

Welcome to ..

:. PetLvr Random Links

I’ve just got too many good links in my BLOGLINES that are going to waste .. and other people should be able to read them too!

That’s all, so here we go! Enjoy.

PS: Feel free to take your shoes off, stick around .. click on the header image and explore these sites while you are there anyway!

* Jenna Fischer, animal lover!
* I Wonder If They’re Related?
* Cat Brushing Video
* Feeding Different Types of Fish Food To Different Types of Feeders
* Measure to let pet owners sue for emotional suffering weighed (phillyburbs.com)
* Does A Bear Crap In The Woods?
* Cat: I can Has Cheezburger?
* Look what I can do!
* Not amused…not amused at all.
* Who Should Be The First to Eat? You or Your Dog?
* a guest at poodle city
* Dog nurses tiger cubs at China zoo
* New Pet Food Recalls: Chenango Valley Pet Foods
* PetSmart doubles quarterly earnings – despite a nationwide pet-food recall that affected 100 brands
* Summertime Pet Tips
* Where My B*tches At?
* Beware of blog: The Internet, pet-lovers and the recalls
* Five Things: Benefits from Horse Riding
* Can I Have Your Attention Please?
* Carnival of the Cats #165
* lolgoth #10: lolgoths meet lolcats in Marilyn Mansonkitteh

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2 Responses

  1. Because you linked to the update on the cat food recall you might be some interesting analysis by The Cat Gergiev in “Menu Foods Expects To Oppose Class Action Certification; Offers To Settle Individually.” The Cat Gergiev explains how Menu Foods is trying to sucker the human companions of cats into settling so that Menu Foods can avoid punitive damages.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Hi Pierre ~ Thanks for passing along the link!

    HART – the PetLvr from Canada

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