Raising Race Horses

Raising Race Horses

Horse racing has roots in the early 12th century. It was during this time that English mares and Arab stallions were bred, and the breed known as a the thoroughbred was born. Although it can be expensive to raise a race horse, if it becomes a champion, the pay off can be quite high. What does it take to raise a race horse?


A horse trainer is basically the agent for the horse. The trainer must get the horse ready for racing by exercising it among other things. They take care of the daily needs of the horse including its food, veterinary care, and keeping the owner up to date on progress. They are the ones who are ultimately responsible for anything and everything to do with the horse. The trainer is usually the one who enters horses in races.

The Veterinarian

It is necessary for the horses to have a veterinarian to make sure they are on a proper diet and get the right nutrition. They are responsible for the overall health of the horses. In addition, they may need to treat emergency injuries. The veterinarians work with the trainer and the owner and generally travel with the horse when they go to different cities to race.

The Farrier

Racehorses need shoes and the farrier ensures they get the right kind. This will depend on the type of track where they are racing and what type the trainer believes is best for the horse. The horse’s hooves must be trimmed. If they become damaged, they may require treatment.


A race horse can be a very expensive investment. This is one of the reasons that many owners choose to insure their horses. An example of a company that offers horse insurance is Ark Agency. There are several types of insurance that are specific to race horses. They range from health insurance in the event that the horse gets sick to life or mortality insurance if the horse dies. Loss of use insurance is another type that pays the owner a percentage of the value of the horse if it is injured and cannot race.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports that is still in existence today. When a champion’s racing days are over, it is hoped that the horse will sire another champion. A life of luxury often awaits them.

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