Raising An Intelligent Dog

When you are training a dog sometimes it is hard to tell if they are intelligent or not. If you consider intelligence as the ability to learn, before you make judgment on your dog’s intelligence, you need to consider how you’re instructing your dog. Intelligence is hard to measure because if you are doing a poor job communicating with your dog, they may appear not so bright when when they’re actually quite smart.

When you are working with a dog, look for cues that let you know when he understands you. Sometimes the dogs that are the hardest to train are actually the smartest of them all. Consider a Beagle for example. Well known for their keen sense of smell, they are also one of the most skilled escape artists that you will ever meet.

When you are training a dog, success really has less to do with intelligence than it does with a willingness to learn. It is up to you as the trainer to make it easy for your dog to do the right thing, and harder for him to make a mistake. Each breed understands the world in a different way, and just like humans, each dog is an individual. You have to find a way to get your message across to your dog while retaining a willing spirit.

Raising a dog to meet its full potential can actually be a lot of fun, and you’ll want to find training techniques that are also enjoyable for him. For example, teaching agility skills can stimulate the mind of a young dog while teaching him to work with you. He will learn to sit, stay and come all while playing in tunnels, climbing, running and jumping. Even playing with a child or another dog stimulates the mind of a young dog.

An essential part of growing an intelligent dog is socializing him. As a very young puppy, under four months of age, if you start to socialize your dog, he will grow up to be calmer and more adaptable to new situations. When you couple that with ongoing training, you will stimulate his mind and keep him thinking.

For a willing student to perform well, he needs to get adequate rest and nutrition. Make sure that he has a warm, safe, quiet place to sleep, and that his food offers quality, balanced nutrition. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil can improve brain function, and can be found in many of the high quality dog foods available today.

Don’t get too caught up in making sure that you have the smartest dog in the world. Remember to simply play with him. Make your playtime fun. Hide treats for him to find, play tug of war, fetch, or Frisbee. Your dog will let you know when he is having fun, because he will not want to stop. You can interject a little training refresher into your playtime, but remember that this is really time for fun.

Not all dogs are Einsteins, but when your dog barks to alert you of approaching danger, that doesn’t matter at all. While you can give him every opportunity to be a truly intelligent dog, at the end of the day his biggest gift to you is his unquestioning devotion.

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* Misty Weaver is the editor of Dog Fence DIY
* Dog Fence DIY’s staff veterinarian Dr. Susan Wright has written this guest article for your viewing pleasure. Dog Dence DIY takes you through all the necessary training steps of how to use a dog fence including: installation and training of your new system. Dog Fence DIY offers a wide variety of pet containment systems at the best available prices.

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    This is truly an enlightening reminder. Sometimes pet owners cant help but expect too much from their pets (like any pet parent!)… we forget to just play and have fun with them and take training or intelligence too seriously. Most dogs when trained and socialized early on, will grow to become really smart pets! Thanks for the great post! 😀

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    When you are training a dog, success really has less to do with intelligence than it does with a willingness to learn.training a dog is not sometimes the dog is not listening to you or sometimes a dog obey your command..i suggest to watch this video,it shows tips and technique about training a dog..

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