Rabbit Litter Training Tips & Advice!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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49 Responses

  1. ErinsAnimals
    | Reply

    New Video! :)

  2. Lucy Pryce
    | Reply

    Is there any photos of candy? X

  3. Zoey Berrier
    | Reply

    i know pine wood chips is a bad bedding (if i were to use wood chips i’d
    use aspen) but i have this littler its like a pellet type for horses and it
    absorbs really well and i just found out when i got home after buying it,
    it was pine litter pellets and im not sure if i should use it. its not his
    bedding (i use fleece) so if its only in his litter tray will it not be as

  4. Janice Russell
    | Reply

    I took my dwarf to the vet recently and they said he is a bit dehydrated
    they told me how to check and said to use a bottle and a bowl to see if he
    drinks and wait a week and come back. I checked and he still needs water
    and I can’t make him drink any advice how from a bottle or bowl?

  5. Mansoor Abdulla
    | Reply

    Hello Erin do I have to bunny proof the under of my bed even though I don’t
    store anything down there?

  6. Hannahs Hamsters
    | Reply

    What hay is safe for hamsters 

  7. lily rabbity
    | Reply

    Very great and helpful video! :)

  8. Anna's Animals
    | Reply

    Great video Erin! :)

  9. BunnyPigs Corner
    | Reply

    Hello, about a year ago i got my bunny, and she was littered trained in a
    corner litter train. However we have brought a new hutch bigger than her
    last one, and she does some litter int eh try downstairs and most in her
    bed area, which is a pain, do you think that i should move the litter from
    her bed down to her corner tray downstairs? She is an outside rabbit, on a
    two their hutch, 5ft x5ft thanks xxxx

  10. Hazel Hammy
    | Reply

    Love your hair and the sweatshirt! 🙂 Nice Video, it has probably helped a
    lot of people! :D

  11. Hannahs Hamsters
    | Reply

    Erin or anyone else what soil is safe for hamsters and will I be able to
    get them in the UK I am gonna try to do a German style cage.

  12. PinkyPieHamster
    | Reply

    No internet?! Poor thing haha, love the video by the way, really
    informative! (:

  13. Marissa perez
    | Reply

    On monday can you plz do a video of traing a hamster to use the litter

  14. Cavycavecircus
    | Reply

    I managed to untrain my past rabbit by introducing her to the whole house.
    Apparently its too far to walk 4-5 metres to the potty!

  15. Mansoor Abdulla
    | Reply

    Exactly what I need since I’m getting a Babbitt next week

  16. megannn r
    | Reply

    Good video! I really want a rabbit but I have 2 dogs so my mum won’t let

  17. hamster rainbow
    | Reply

    My dwarf hamster has been sleeping a lot dose this means she is diabetic

  18. Claudia Dinis
    | Reply

    Amazing video!

  19. Cat Vlogs
    | Reply

    I live in New York, and we are moving to Florida in the summer. We are
    driving down, and instead of driving straight through, we are stoping at
    hotels (pet friendly, as we are brining our cats) so do you think it’s safe
    to bring my hamster? We are stopping at the hotels for like almost a day. 

  20. HammyHugs
    | Reply

    My dwarf hamster pascal is so stressed. Anyway, since day one of having
    pascal he just wants to sleep, eat his regular harry hamster mix (he won’t
    touch treats) and play on his wheel. He doesn’t want to play with his toys,
    he doesn’t want to come out or anything. I am doing everything I can to
    give him the life he deserves but I feel like I am doing something wrong
    and wasting his life. I love him to pieces, I don’t want anything bad to
    happen to him. I’m so upset I’m crying because I feel like I’m doing
    something wrong. Any tips on how to give him a better life? Thank you so so
    so much x :)

  21. Strawberry Hamsters
    | Reply

    Can I use reptile Aspen? I have a chameleon and she has Aspen so im
    wondering if I can give it to cherry my hamster

  22. i dont have a name
    | Reply

    Im thinking about getting a bunny but I cant find food pellets. Seeds are
    sold as rabbit food where I live so could I use hay, fruit and vegetables ?

  23. michelle barroso
    | Reply

    bertie : Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    erin: so we did not litter train candy…..

  24. Lucys Petcare
    | Reply

    i couldnt agree more erin i used them all the times when i had bunnies they
    are excellent xx

  25. joanne borland
    | Reply

    Hi Erin! So my hamsters health dosent seem to good these last couple of
    days. I cleaned out his caged earlier and it looked like he was blind. When
    i put my hand near his head he never flinched or moved away like normal. I
    checked his bottom to see if he had wet tail but he dident show any signs
    of it. I dont think he has been eating much either. His hair is shedding,
    maybe just from old age but i only got him in march 2014 when he was 7
    weeks old. I change his water every day and clean his cage once a week. He
    was a very energetic animal but now he seems lifeless. Im taking him to the
    vets tomorrow so hopefully he will recover. It would be great if u replied
    or if anyone could help me out. Thanks! 🙂 xx

  26. RileyEmma londonald
    | Reply

    Erin is viovet a good site?

  27. bestpetsever123
    | Reply

    Awesome onsie!

  28. Edwiin's Channel
    | Reply

    +erinsanimals I got my winter white hamster and he hisses, is getting him
    a friend from his litter a good idea? Will he still remember the friend
    from his litter ? Or what can help him stop from hissing ? 

  29. Budgie/Hamster World
    | Reply

    Hey, very nice tips 🙂 P.S Love the jumper 🙂 

  30. creamhammie
    | Reply

    Great Video!! Very useful, thank you!

  31. Elizabeth Elliott
    | Reply

    Great tips! Its been working for me and my bun so far!
    Oh,by the way I just Posted a video on my rabbits Valentine’s day cage tour
    so, if your reading this please go check it out.:)

  32. Manuel Pena
    | Reply

    Hey Erin! Would you please make a video on Monday for hamsters on like
    schedules? Basically on what you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I
    see all different types of things over the internet. Thank you :)

  33. Kakarot20007
    | Reply

    I got my bun when he was 13 weeks old & he basiclky trained himself, he
    only had one accident outside his cage & now just uses his tray 🙂 

  34. Crafty Cat
    | Reply

    Erin, can two robo hamsters share one litter tray? +ErinsAnimals 

  35. laurendoerr
    | Reply

    With my 2 rabbits they were perfect with litter box training before I got
    them spayed but after they were spayed they had really bad litter box
    habits. My jersey wooly especially. In the USA pine pellets are the
    cheapest litter available. Any feed store or place that sells stuff for
    horses sells it in 40lb bags for under $6. Most other stores sell wood
    pellets for at least part of the year since people use them as fuel for
    wood stoves. 

  36. easily inspired17
    | Reply

    im the 183rd vewer erin your ace

  37. Hamsters Minecraft And More
    | Reply

    😀 I do no have a rabbit, but I want one SOOOOOOOOO bad! This will be
    helpful for when I get one someday! Thanks!
    I have always wondered what type of litter to use, this was REALLY helpful!

  38. HamsterSavy 46
    | Reply

    Can you do a house tour please!?!?!? Thanks!

  39. Emily Ehresman
    | Reply

    What are the measurements for the 4 cubed storage block thing?(sorry i
    forgot the name!)

  40. WorldofDIY
    | Reply

    Did u make your hayrack? 

  41. Emma London
    | Reply

    Erin I went on viovet and is it free shipping and does send to Canada 

  42. Holly Barringer
    | Reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Me and my family always rescue animals, our 1 dog, 4
    cats and 2 guinea pigs. Tomorrow we are rescuing a bunny! She’s going to be
    a house rabbit so i do want her to be litter trained,thanks for the help. I
    LOVE your videos xo

  43. Trines Life
    | Reply

    I’m blessed to have adopted a bunny that is 100% litter trained ^-^ 

  44. Alena Theofilou
    | Reply

    Hi erin i have a question can you make if you can a how to stop a hamster
    peeing in their wheel video?

  45. Aliya Donze
    | Reply

    I have rex rabbit culled Amy and she isn’t eating the rabbit pellets
    recently she’s only eating the veg and hay we give her she is three years
    old what should I do

  46. Daisy Nightforce
    | Reply

    Your new hair color brings out your eyes looks fab you go girl

  47. XxXlifewithellieXxX
    | Reply
  48. animalwhisperer275 16
    | Reply

    it took me about 3 weeks to potty train my rabbit, but I think it was
    because she wasn’t used to being around me yet

  49. Mon and fri With kyle
    | Reply

    11 comment

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