Rabbit Gets a Makeover | ASMR / RELAXING

Enjoy this relaxing video of Lennon (my rabbit) getting groomed and LOVING IT!

*No real make up was used!!!*

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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23 Responses

  1. Lennon The Bunny
    | Reply

    Who wants an apartment tour as one of the next videos??

  2. Barbara Green
    | Reply

    The before and after is amazing! You really know how to bring out her best features, but of course she’s a natural beauty!

  3. china beauty world
    | Reply

    My rabbit won't let me shower him or pet him in my arms ,he won't even let me touch him but as soon as he hears or see me he runs to me

  4. Icymoon
    | Reply

    She is so adorable and calm! I love it!

  5. Elizabeth Gordon
    | Reply

    I'm laying on my bed with my bunny, (Mr. Bunz) and he is trying to eat my shorts….*sigh* lol love your channel!

  6. samiksha sharma
    | Reply

    Love ur videos

  7. Bunny buzz
    | Reply

    Omg and I love this ASMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I love it so much

  8. Bunny buzz
    | Reply

    NEW FAVORITE VIDEO! Omg I watched this like 10 times in a row I wish I could be that relaxed…..:( Lennon looks so comfy and sleepy! She's just the cutest and so pretty!

  9. Stacey K Clarke
    | Reply

    So cute! 🙂

  10. Twinkletoesss27
    | Reply

    Aghhh it just baffles me how close you are to her. How does she not run away from you with stuff like this? My bunnies only tolerate me like that when they're tightly cuddled with me lol

  11. LittleGucci BunBun
    | Reply

    I seriously love all your videos
    Lennon is adorable

  12. LittleGucci BunBun
    | Reply

    Omg Lennon is so cute
    I would love it if my rabbit could meet your 🐰 rabbit

  13. sircat 1951
    | Reply

    So sweet. She is such a little lady❤️

  14. LoveMyHome Alot
    | Reply

    Lennon, you look beautiful!

  15. Arturo Ruiz
    | Reply

    she's beautiful and adorable

  16. xx moonxx
    | Reply

    Bunny on point

  17. Kawaii Unicorn
    | Reply

    Actually I'm planning on getting a bunny do you think you can make a video on everything you need for a pet bunny?

  18. drink me im delicious
    | Reply

    My rabbit keeps scratching the walls…

    Do you have any tips?

  19. K.C Gymnastics
    | Reply

    Can you do a diy rabbit toy video or another haul video?

  20. Whitney Miller
    | Reply

    Lennon you clean up so well!

  21. The Residents of FairyCastleFarm
    | Reply

    Hi! Greetings from The FCF bunnies in Australia! We just subscribed to your channel 🐰💕

  22. Satarupa Chandra
    | Reply

    can I give water to my bunny?? plz reply me first .. becoz I don't give him water.. so plz help mee

  23. The Hammys
    | Reply

    I love this so much so cute

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