Rabbit clicker training – simple tricks

Initially, Pewter was hand fed with rabbit pellets so he associated hands with reward – previously he was aggressive and fearful towards people. Once he was …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D






  2. sammie Nadiabreezer says:

    soo cute

  3. Stacy Alexander says:

    How do you keep your bun from nibbling your fingers while clicker training?

  4. commonurlz says:


  5. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    Type in “Karen Pryor iclick clicker” into google or ebay and you’ll find
    it. :)

  6. Jessica Hammomd says:

    im soo gonna try this with my rabbit cookie, whos about 3

  7. Bethany Rozzi says:

    really cool but i am trying to train my rabbit could you post a step by
    step vedio on how to start?

  8. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    Good luck! It’s so much fun! Let me know if you post a video of him! :)

  9. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    Sure! It’s great fun! I’d recommend first watching my video on ‘Rabbit
    clicker training – first steps.’ Also, google karen pryor’s website (she
    INVENTED clicker training) and have a look on the house rabbit
    association’s website (google house rabbit association clicker). Those
    should cover the basics – if you have specific questions then please feel
    free to private message me and I’ll try to help! :) Good luck – your
    rabbits will thank you!

  10. nathalie gomez says:

    We’re can you buy this “clicker” respond if you can

  11. Majd AL-Hazmi says:

    12th ahh u guys pull me crazy

  12. KikiDayz says:

    Come train my rabbit T^T he dont wanna learnnnn

  13. FurrySmallPaws says:

    how long did it take you to train him these tricks

  14. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    He’s actually an English Polish rabbit but they’re pretty similar –
    slightly longer ears and nose and apparently a slightly shinier coat…
    He’s slightly bigger than my old Netherland Dwarf. Quite a bit smaller than
    the rabbit on your videos, though, I think! :)

  15. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    I’ve put a link in the description of this video to the ‘First Steps’ video
    for rabbit training – it’s at the bottom of the paragraph. Rabbits learn at
    very different speeds. Pewter was fearful and aggressive and he took
    several months of working with the clicker before he would reliably do one
    command. Babbitt, because she was joining Pewter, took about a week! Hope
    this helps! Let me know if you’d like any more tips!

  16. Pewterrabbit1 says:

    Two months to “get” the idea of the clicker (he was fear-aggressive).
    Perhaps a month after that to teach the tricks. Now he’ll pick up a new
    trick in about 10 mins. The more tricks you teach, the quicker they learn.

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