Rabbit Agility

Jumping through hoops, walking on two legs, and spinning in circles are just some of the behaviors demonstrated by the amazing rabbits in this video! In Gett…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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39 Responses

  1. MrRabbittv
    | Reply

    how many rabbits do you have i am trianing my to new one the lop i love them xx:)

    | Reply

    training a dog works , so why not a rabbit !

  3. afsrules
    | Reply

    omfg thats one huge bunny!!!

  4. reddani7
    | Reply

    wow the black one is amazing! but they all are ^^

  5. RJL738
    | Reply

    Thanks for making this video about such wonderful creatures.

  6. nicolapin
    | Reply

    hi markkpct, what a marvellous teaching video, thanks a lot for all bunny’s teachers to start the training ! ^^

  7. lifeinspiredart
    | Reply

    All rabbits are trainable… but… first they have to learn to trust you compleatly and alot of people just casually own rabbits and don’t spend the extra time to bond with them. Also the reason your bun attacts you in the cage is becouse it’s become cage protective…Buns are very teritorial and if you don’t make your hands in the cage = something great happens they will attack it. This also happens to buns when spend too many hours in an issolated cage. Check out House Rabbit Society.

  8. myra822
    | Reply

    AWESOME!!…..after this vid i tried 2 train my rabbits but they r not interested i guess

  9. daisycake
    | Reply

    looks like an angora to me

  10. TifaLockhearts
    | Reply

    I think it’s an Angora

  11. chatgirl8
    | Reply

    0.47 lol giant rabbit runs in 🙂

  12. BunnyWoman
    | Reply

    I’m glad I came across this video! So many people think that a bunny is just something you put in a cage and let it sit. They really look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing, because frankly if they didn’t like it, they would just hop away. 🙂
    Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I retire! 🙂

  13. xdeathlessxonex
    | Reply

    awesome! and lol he thumps in the last few seconds of the video! too cute 🙂

  14. joejonasluva96
    | Reply

    r you feeding it leaves?

  15. MozzzyBit3
    | Reply

    teach me how to do that pls

  16. knine308
    | Reply

    ye wat are you feeding them…

  17. knine308
    | Reply

    man this reminds me about my netherland dwarf rabbit…. thumper…. only 3 months old when he was trained….died at 5 months….:'(

  18. TheRealKimCupcake
    | Reply

    Cool 😀

  19. guavanutmuffin
    | Reply

    That is so cool!

  20. RobandKatie11
    | Reply

    Your rabbits are true athletes!!

  21. murrell823
    | Reply

    What is it that you’re using for treats?

  22. Jess Reynolds
    | Reply

    wow amazing rabbit…. is the fuzzy one a british giant? mine is she is black and she attacks me haha lol ure bunnies are cutiie.

  23. Sue Pruitt
    | Reply

    are all your rabbits trainable? I could never get mine to come over and take a treat from my hand–she was so skittish and preferred to hide– sometimes would attack my hand when I went into her cage with a scoop of food. Your rabbits seem really sociable. You’re a great trainer!

  24. Topdisbong
    | Reply

    oh the black on rules XD

  25. Topdisbong
    | Reply

    aww they are soo cute

  26. Cadetballer14
    | Reply

    wow thats special
    ive always wanted a bunny that could jump through a hoop

  27. racinboss
    | Reply

    cute and smart…

  28. BlackCat2481
    | Reply

    that black rabbit sure is energetic.

  29. Pellsk
    | Reply

    holy carrot! That black one´s got speed ;D

  30. sparrowcrazy
    | Reply

    Wow what a big rabbit! I thought he was a sheep at first,so cute^^

  31. illogicalexistence
    | Reply

    My God that is a huge ass rabbit!

  32. thefunnybunnyfarm
    | Reply

    all of my rabbits can do that me and my friends spent 2 motnhs training just one but most of them learned fast

  33. zomfgkitty
    | Reply

    black one is a fatty :p

  34. 107989055567
    | Reply

    the movie looks better in high quality just add &fmt=18 to the link

  35. cerenacat
    | Reply

    OMG me too!

    Amazing rabbitses.

  36. t2n2ris
    | Reply

    what kind of rabbit was that big fluffy grey and black one?

  37. furbyluv
    | Reply

    man my rabbit just sits on my lap is lazy but makes up for it in cuteness lol but mines not one for agility hes a show rabbit!!!

  38. GrandNational453
    | Reply

    they should go on to pet star!

  39. kirbykool1
    | Reply

    either then black one or the white one should go on pet star

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